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Restoring a house- some questions about wiring

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Good morning!  

I've just started working on restoring my childhood dollhouse (a Duracraft FH-505).    The house was wired, and I'm of course finding tapewire under the flooring and wallpaper as I remove it.  The plug was at some point ripped out, and one of the fixtures was pulled out leaving a wire dangling from the ceiling.   I'm curious if this is something that could (possibly,  assuming there aren't further issues that I'm not aware of) be repaired or if I should strip out the tape wire as I work on removing the glue from the floors.   

I've been going back and forth about having it wired at all.  I've been told that it's a waste of time and effort for little effect, and while I definitely think I will have ecstatic children whether it lights up or not, I know that for ME I really loved seeing the light in the windows as a kid, so I think it's worth at least considering.  

I just wanted to ask before I  started scraping away at the floors if this is something that might be salvageable or if I ought to get it out and start from scratch. 

Any advice or insight would be so appreciated, thanks so much!

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Thanks for your response.  That was my thought too.  Wiring is super intimidating to me, but I'm sure everyone feels like that at first.  All the better to figure it out since there's no chance that this will be the only dollhouse I work on.  It's too much fun. 


I was able to fix the warped floor without much trouble, I think.  So I'm feeling good about that.  I was ready to pull it out but after a little work and a lot of weights and propping, it's looking good.  I think it will be fine once everything is reglued and secured.  I anticipate 1004 other issues will present themselves as I go forward but its nice to see it moving along.  

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On 11/7/2019, 9:14:57, Sable said:

Please watch this and you won’t feel intimidated. I place hi-hat lights in the ceilings of my houses. Actually, the connections are made through the above floor. This gives the house great secured light. 



Thank you!  That was definitely really helpful and informative!  I do feel better about giving it a go now

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