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Working on restoring my childhood dollhouse

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My parents gave me a beautiful dollhouse about 25 years ago and I loved playing with it for years.   As I got older my dollhouse got used by my many nieces and nephews,  and put through varying amounts of abuse.  Eventually it was stored in a shed for about 10 years until I found it the other day.  I'm hoping to restore it to its former beauty for my daughters.

The house is a Duracraft Farmhouse FH 505.  I cleaned it first,  removed the old mud dauber nests from the eaves (full of dead spiders, yuck) and have been removing the wallpaper and gross or damaged flooring to get it ready to start.   My biggest concern is that one of the floors is quite warped but other than that I'm hoping the repairs should be pretty manageable (windows, shingles, etc).  I'm really looking forward to spending time working with the dollhouse I so loved and making it something special for my girls to enjoy. 

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Thanks!  I feel like I've been learning a lot just from pulling everything out.  It's a little nerve wracking (and a little sad) to strip it down to nothing, but I'm excited to see it start to come back together eventually 

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