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Too much stuff???


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I am trying to clean up and organize my work area (the dining room) and found a mysterious heavy box. Opened it up and apparently I bought a Microlux miter/cut-off saw, with no memory of having ordered or received it. I was very happy to find it and it was on my wish list, but good grief! I looked through my Amazon wish list and I definitely have a problem.

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Wish I had that problem! That does look like a nifty tool! I got this manual saw miter thing a year ago and its awkward and takes up space on my worktable. I may have to bite the bullet and get this. Price doesn't seem too steep. 

My "too much stuff" challenge is with wallpaper, wood trims, and increasingly, paint/finishing products. I seem to be forever digging through all of it to find what I want. 

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Perfect!  I was asked the other day to give some ideas for what I wanted for Christmas!  I don't know why I haven't seen this tool before!  Added to my list!

PS - you can never have too much stuff!  I look at my stash of boxes in the attic and I think I have OD on windows, doors, lights/chandeliers, and wallpaper.  They will EVENTUALLY make it into future projects. :ermm: :crazyeyes:

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