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Halloween contest

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I think painting it black would make it way too dark.

I'd look for a dark blue scrapbook paper that has silver spots or sprinkles on it to look like a dark sky, maybe with a gold foil moon with a man-in-the-moon face on it or a silhouette of a witch passing in front of it. I'd put the same paper on the ceiling/sky, too. Something to represent a night sky without being solidly black.

Or paint dark blue and scatter star-shaped stickers or even dots of silver metallic paint. 

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I love the idea of doing the walls like a starry sky. Could you find a way to use tiny bulbs as stars? My thought is to drill a bunch of holes in the walls (randomly scattered like stars), and insert bulbs from the back side, and then cover the back sides of the roombox somehow to hide the wires. But maybe there's a simpler way to achieve the same effect.

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2 hours ago, asherah said:

hmm i love these ideas. I have some battery operated little string lights. Maybe I could poke them through some paper? Not sure. 

That sounds like a great idea. The wires would be sandwiched between the wall and the paper.

Are the contents of the box fixed in place or are they removable? If you can take them out, it would be easy enough to install the faux sky. :)  

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How about if you drill holes and insert the lights, and then cover the inside wall with paper that has stars on it, so the lights shine through the paper? (So you'll actually see the stars lit up from behind the paper rather than seeing the bulbs.) That would be softer and might look more natural, but I don't know if it would light up the box very well.

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It's great. I did something like this a few years ago with a roombox I had. I had some black card and used that to cover the walls, ceiling and floor. (I'd acutally bought the roombox for another project so wanted to keep it as it was.) I love the pumpkin house.

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