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Info Needed for Victorian Times and Ron Clanton

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Hi Genevieve!

yes we are talking about the same lady!  Liz and I have worked together on some things, and my Ron Clanton emporium came from the same estate as your Elliot Bay house.  We have all loved that house and if I had anywhere to put it I would have grabbed it up.  I'm so glad you're getting it and it is beautifully finished and of course so well made.

Good luck and have fun personalizing it when it gets to you.  Let us know how it turns out!



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Suzi!!!  So so happy you wrote back, I was worried you’d never see my message...well the house arrived yesterday, and I take it you have seen it personally?  Words cannot describe this house, its not only huge but absolutely breathtaking!  I can’t stop looking at it. It must have taken years to build, I have never seen a dollhouse so lifelike and intricate before.  Its a very interesting story how I “met’ Liz.  I reside in Greece during the winter months and one night, as I was enduring a red-eye all nighter while caring for my terminally ill grandmother in the hospital, I stumble upon Liz and her estate sale of dollhouses.  That was back in January and she graciously kept it throughout the entire Covid crisis until I was ready to come back home.I already own seven Greenleaf and three Lawbres and The Elliot Bay immediately caught my eye.  I kept pacing the hospital so excited and the prospect of actually owning it made the entire ordeal easier.  After eight months of taking care of my grandmother, her passing, and Covid restrictions, I finally have it!!!! But seeing it in a picture and actually seeing it 3 d is a different realm altogether.  I have to see if the lighting is intact and re-pack it again for the trip to Greece where it will be the pride and joy of the entire residence (besides my lovely ten year old daughter of course!)  I am absolutely thrilled with it!  Please post interior pics of your own when you get a chance.  Are you on any facebook dollhouse sites?

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