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I started my Newport today.

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So I decided to start building my Newport today. I've had it for about a year or so. I got it off of ebay for about half the price =) It comes with a bunch of wallpaper as well which is a nice bonus. 

Got the first floor of the shell done. =) My nephew helped with the bay part as I have trouble with those darn pieces they fit into. They look the same to me =p 



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ok So I moved onto the second floor but there is a problem. One of the peices for the bay window is bigger than it's supposed to be so now the whole second floor is over to the right more than it should be. So now the tower and first floor don't line up with the second floor.. I'm also missing the room divider for the bay window room on the first floor. 

Do you think it matters? Does it look awful?


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ok well I got the door in, the trim on, and the roof on =) I have to order wallpaper and flooring so not a lot to do right now.I can build the windows but that's it about it for now. The windows have yellowed and i messaged rgt's facebook page to ask if it's possible to get replacements but no answer so far.

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On 7/30/2019, 5:11:44, asherah said:

Do you think it matters? Does it look awful?

That is so strange. Can you take the the first floor piece and use it as a guide to trim the second floor piece?

I probably would not have picked up on it if you hadn't pointed it out.

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well i think if i trim it that the edges beside the window opening will be really thin.  I might ask my handyman, maybe he can trim it. I don't know if the previous owner of the kit replaced it with the wrong one or what. I'm also missing a room divider but that's not such a big deal.

Also  I would have to take it apart .. ugh.. heh. we will see.

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    • By asherah
      I was considering buying the Queen anne from a shop that was assembled and had the outside completed already. I just wasn't sure if I would be able to reach into all the areas to complete the inside? Anyone have any idea? It would be a shame if I couldn't finish a room.
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      Well, the reading nook for the Newport is finally finished! 
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      While searching for dollhouse kits locally (which includes my entire state! Woah!) I found somebody selling this already built but (a little) damaged Foxhall Manor by Real Good Toys.
      The shingles are broken, but terrible so they are coming off. The conservatory was painted a bright yellow so I'm going to both tone It down with some white paint, and place a very high wainscotting trim on the room. On the room It looks like spilled white paint (or maybe? glue). There are broken stairs, rails in the Grand Hall. It looks like real sized carpet was used.
      All I can see however is The Potential: I've got this hand crafted doll by an I.G.M.A. Artist named Eliza and this is going to be her home. I'm thinking of painting the roof black and later shingling it. The house either a dusky lavender or a dusky rose pink. Black trim. Dark grey and deep cream for accent colors.
      Only Artisan pieces and furniture inside this home! I cannot wait to start collecting, but I first must finish some Layaways in 1:24 scale. Already an Artisan member here has offered me a stunning rug that will have the pride of place in one of the rooms.
      It's going to take years, but it will be beautiful when it's finished.
      It needs Help and LOVE! But it is only: $40! I'm stunned.
      Going to hopefully pick it up next week. My friend is going to be taking me over to get it. I know that it is HUGE (it comes with the Conservatory and the two-story addition, but the staircases are missing, plus the (looking at the front) left side front-opening door.
      I've measured my desk: it fits! But only a foot more in length is available to work. I'm cleaning up my Craft Room this week and getting ready to bring my find home hopefully next week.
      I'm so THRILLED!
      There are Members that find these incredible Dollhouses for incredible prices, but I NEVER dreamed that I could ever be one.
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      Some pieces are still a little tougher than I would have liked, but I just saw the recommendation that a person not sand until after painting a first coat.
      Did I ruin my kit?
      So concerned! Thank you!
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