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Hi all, I am brand new to this and have so many questions!! I just got my first dollhouse kit (The Lily by Greenleaf) and am on my way to fulfilling my dream of building a Victorian dollhouse. 

Firstly, I would like to know if there is an online supplier that is recommended? I can find several, but don’t know which is most reputable and has good prices and selection. I am in Alberta, Canada and we don’t have any supply stores in Alberta.

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Welcome to the little family, Kelly.  Hobby Builder's Supply/ https://www.miniatures.com/ is based in the US in Atlanta, GA and The Dollshouse Emporium/ http://www.dollshouse.com/ is in the UK; I have dealt with both and found their service to be excellent.I have a Lily kit, but mine wants to become a Tuscan villa.

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Hi Kelly! :wave:  Welcome to our little world!  You will find lots of answers on this forum for lots of questions you may have.  ;) 

I do a lot of shopping from miniatures.com!  There are also 3 "local" online shops that I like to do business with (two are a brick and mortar shop but also has online shopping, and the other is from my state but strictly online).....and of course there is always etsy and eBay!  I also frequent local mini show & sales whenever possible.

Have fun with your build!

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