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Willow Dollhouse Kit

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Ceiling height is 8.5inches. I am doing a Willow currently. You shouldn't have a problem upgrading the windows and doors. The walls are only 1/8inch in thickness, so the windows will stick out about 1/8 of an inch. It is easily fixable.

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I am just starting to build the Willow.  Have done the dry fit and have decided to use Housework windows instead of the kit ones.  I know that I will need to enlarge the openings but I have a question about the position.  Should I use the lower level of the cutout in the kit for my lower level on the window or should I make the cutout evenly bigger all around?  That would make the window be lower on the outside and I am wondering if that would make them too close to the foundation.  Any help would be most appreciated.  

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Make paper cutouts the size of your Houseworks components and hold them over the kit window openings to see what appeals to YOU.  You are also going to need to pad the walls around the openings to allow for the added thickness, I believe that Houseworks are made to fit 3/8" thick plywood.

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