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How do you hang pictues?

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Hi all, 

I'm sure this topic has been addressed before, but can't find it. I'm trying to hang family pictures in my orchid. How do you all hang them? I did hang a cuckoo clock on the wall; I cut a straight pin and used that as a "nail" but it was so fiddly and took forever to get it in the wall. Do you all just glue framed pictures straight on or use something else? Thanks!


Laurie (Nolephan)

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I guess I have a fear of commitment on this one, but I just use Mini-hold brand museum wax. If you use a big enough glob of it (in proportion to the weight of the item you wish to hang), it does a great job. You can easily move things around. I've even used it to secure things to the outside of my house. (garden hose holder, mailbox, etc.)

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C181A271-1ECA-4871-8741-4EF3D9CD9BAA.jpeI use tacky wax but I do have some pictures hanging by chain on a small pin because of the house era. I found if you drill a hole for the pin first using a pin drill (or small Archimedes drill) then just glue the trimmed pin into place, it’s much easier. 

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