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I don't recall the Grandville being a Greenleaf production.  Anyone know who made it?  It would make looking for the instructions a whole lot easier.

Paula, please make us an introduction in the Newcomers' Forum.

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The Granville is by Artply. I think there is a copy of instructions online. but I can't remember the site. @mesp2k might have an idea. It is an older site that had several builders who gave tips. I can see the the tan background in my minds eye, but I can't find the site now.

If we can't find one, I will crack open my Kit and make a copy for you Paula.

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Paula, if you hover your cursor over Coleen's avatar you will get a drop down box; click on the envelope icon next to "message" and you will be able to send her a Private Message.  This is a public website, so spammers and webbots can harvest any  personal info you post.

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