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First Mini show in Seattle

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My daughter & I are meeting my Mom in Seattle next weekend for the Seattle Miniature Show. It will be our first mini show! We’re excited, but definitely rookies! Any recommendations on what to bring, booths/tables not to miss, or maybe what NOT to look for? :doh: All suggestions welcome!  Thanks in advance!

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  • Before you go, peruse the list of vendors on the show's website. Check out as many of them as you can on line, so you'll have an idea of which ones you absolutely must visit in person. Take the list with you. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes! 
  • Bring bottled water and power bars or other snacks; you may not want to waste the time it takes to purchase refreshments.
  • Bring a shoulder bag or backpack to hold your personal items and purchases. You'll want your hands free.
  • Allow plenty of time. Get there as early as possible.
  • Stay as late as possible. As the show is closing, some vendors may knock down prices a bit so they don't have to repack merchandise.
  • Do not miss any tables.
  • Be sure to check out the table where local miniaturists are selling off extras from their stashes, if there is one. Good source of magazines, etc.
  • Collect business cards from everybody. When you get home, you will recall an item that you really wish you had purchased, and you'll be upset if you don't know how to contact the vendor. (Make a note on the back if there is a particular item that strikes your fancy but you don't buy it on the spot.)
  • Bring a fair amount of cash. Most dealers are now equipped for credit/debit cards, but especially on high end items you may be able to negotiate a lower price for cash, saving them having to pay the charge fees.
  • If you wish to photograph an item, ask first. Some vendors will permit it; others will not.

And when you get home, photograph what you bought and share the photos with us. :D 

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I have been to the Seattle Miniature Show for a few of the past years.  Parking is free and convenient.  If you like to be in an excited jostling crowd, get there at opening.  If you like a more relaxing experience, go later in the day or even the second day.  I try to go when they open on the first day.  I recommend non bulky jacket and no backpack when it is congested with eager early buyers.  It is very crowded around some of the dealers tables and it may be difficult to figure out the queue for payment.  In previous years my husband would stand in the queue to pay for an item(s) while I would move on to the next dealers booth.  But now that he is more involved in this hobby, we split up to cover more booths early in the morning.

If you see something you like and can afford, buy it at that time as it might be gone when you go back to buy it.

In case you have not seen it, here is link to The Seattle Miniature Show 2019 webpage.  http://www.seattleminiatureshow.com/

Hopefully, the weather will be better for driving by then.  Have fun.

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Thanks so much for the great info! I will definitely take pictures of what I can! Writing on the back of business cards is a great ideas! It will be interesting to see what we come home with! I will post pics. Counting down the days! :cheer:

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