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I’m a little lost ... (Rosedale question)

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Hi I would like to first and foremost apologize if I post this in the wrong forum. It’s a bit confusing here when you first get started.  I NEED HELP with my second dollhouse adventure which is the Rosedale.  I really like this house but I’m looking for an alternative to the bay window in the front.  Any suggestions are very much appreciated. I just don’t like that window. 

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You could leave it off -- just glue the piece that would normally be the front of the bay window into the hole that would normally be the opening for the bay window. (It might even be in that spot on the sheet to begin with, in which case just don't pop it out.) If you do this you'll need to cut off the pieces of the first and second floor that stick out to form the floor and ceiling of the bay window, and modify the foundation a little.

I edited your thread title so people who have built the Rosedale are more likely to see it.



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