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Happy Thursday!  As I am brand new to this hobby, I thought it would fun to show you all the only dollhouse I have ever owned (before January 1 of this year).  Does anyone remember this?  Fisher Price, 1979.  Although I didn't make this and there were few to any ways to individualze it, this is what I consider my first doll house.  My fascination with this led to my Mom taking me to the Smithsonian to see their display of the American History Dollhouse.  Many (mannnny) years later here I am: building my first from the ground up.

Fisher price 2.jpg

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What a fun house!  I'm a little too old to have played with a house like that (my first was a Marx tin house), but I love the exterior staircase, tulip table and chairs, and the avocado bathroom.  :)  I see the furniture sets came separately.  Did you get those, or did you make/buy your own furnishings?

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I was a very lucky little sister - we had ALL the furniture (we would each get a set for birthday and Christmas) and dolls. I remember the father doll reminded me of Mr Brady from the Brady Bunch and I remember that staircase being such a pain to attach and stay put!

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I don’t have it ☹️☹️☹️☹️ My sister thought we sold it in the late eighties at a garage sale, but we found out later our Mother gave it to our little cousin (who then sold it at a garage sale in the nineties). The kitchen floor lifted up for storage of the staircase that folded flat when you took the railing off. 

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Oh my goodness, this was my first dollhouse! I got it for Christmas in 1979 or 80, and I loved it! I remember the avocado green bathroom and the harvest gold kitchen, and the state of the art stereo set for the living room. I had all the furniture and dolls as well, including the dog. Do you remember a hutch that came with plug in lamps that lit up? My brother and I also used to play with Star Wars people in that house. It satisfied my dollhouse itch for a while, until I got a 'real' dollhouse in 1985 - the Tennyson that I just finished rehabbing. And now that that is finished, I started building my first kit from scratch and am having a lot of fun.


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Quite a lovely house and a lot of detail. The furniture looks quite sturdy as well. One of the problems with the Lundy I had as a child was that some of the nicer pieces of furniture such as the dining table and chairs were so delicate that they were too easily broken. My Lundy also sometimes played host to my brother's Star Wars figures too and at one point I had some ewoks that lived in there. (A bit funny seeing ewoks living in a house with modern appliances, etc when they lived in trees in the film.)

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      Hi, all!
      I have built my own kid-friendly dollhouses in the past out of old wood. I finally decided to graduate to my first kit.
      I recently bought a Hofco Federal Victorian House Kit for $150. It included bedroom furniture, bathroom furniture, Christmas decorations, a complete lighting kit, etc. The kit itself is complete and in great shape - which is impressive for its age. 
      When I opened the kit, I was so impressed by its details. The doors, the windows, everything. There was a marble fireplace buried deep in the box. Clearly, this is way too nice for me. I needed something I wouldn’t feel bad messing up! 
      So here we are. I was wondering what advice you would give a first timer who is way in over their head. I plan on building this with my mother and she already insists we throw out the instructions. 
      And lastly, Victorian era decor or modern decor?  
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      My original plan was to modify a Dura Craft Newberg. Then I found the Birdswoodshack laser cut model kit of the UP House on Etsy. The model is laser cut from 1/8" Baltic birch plywood. Its dimensions are 19" wide by 16" deep by 21.5" high. The kit was not intended to be a dollhouse,  but rather a fully enclosed model. It does,  however, include the lower and upper floors, as well as a stairway. I have enlarged the window openings to accept commercial windows,  but I will need to make my own doors. I have attached clapboard siding, and will also attach the straight and fishscale shakes. The house is slightly smaller than 1" scale, perhaps 1/14 scale or so. This hurts my sense of scale, but  it is based on a cartoon house, so I am going to make it work. I am going to need to devise a way to open the back of the house for access, probably hinged to open like a book. I haven't drawn plans for the interior yet, but I think it will have five rooms, or areas. Two upstairs will be a bedroom and bathroom. Downstairs will be a living room, kitchen, and an entry hallway with the stairway. Ok, now I will try to upload some pictures.
      So, apparently my pictures are too large. I will need to downsize them, but cannot accomplish that on this android device. I will try to do that on my computer tomorrow.  Until then, Happy Miniaturizing!
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      Hi everyone! I found this site while seeking information about restoring a doll house. My childhood doll house is about 40 years old as it was a cousin's before it came to me. My step-dad had taken it on as a project 7 years ago and apparently instead of fixing it up he slowly let it fall completely apart. I now have two little girls of my own and big dreams of passing this treasure from my childhood on to them. I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing but I believe I've figured out where the pieces all go from memory, now I just have to figure out what to do with them/how to replace the broken/missing parts. When I let my step-dad take it the house was a bit beat up but still entirely assembled, now it's in a million pieces and I'm feeling overwhelmed! Any advice would be seriously appreciated. I tried uploading some pictures but they won't attach, the house is a white three story Victorian with mint green trim.
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      Hi! I live in Tennessee & am starting my 1st dollhouse build at the ripe age of 24. I got the Allison by Artply kit since it was only $40 and thought it might be an easier first house. If anyone built that, any tips are helpful
      I am kind of nervous starting it...not sure where to start. The instructions are kind of lame & my work space for building sucks (think floor, upstairs computer desk, & downstairs kitchen table). Can't even find wallpaper paste where I live! Frustrating & nervous that I might mess up...but exciting Just ordered Caco type dolls as my dollhouse dolls.
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