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Help solve the mystery!

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Anyone know what model this house is? It’s NOT the Lawbre Chateau but I cannot find it anywhere. Someone in one of my grous got this model of house (painted all white) and needs help ID-ing it but none of us can figure it out! Perhaps a planbook build?


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It's similar to the Hofco Federal and RGT Federal Manor, but the roof pitch is different. I was going to guess a scratch build because of the simple windows, so maybe it is from a plan book?

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One would think it’s a scratch build from a plan but there are photos of three houses that all look exactly the same with the same trim and everything. I feel like it’s either a kit or a custom build by the same company.

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Hey, I'm late... sorry!

This is a house made by Jerry Jarrell of Jarrel Enterprises out of Stone Mountain, Ga for The Dollhouse Inc.

This is the Williamsburg with wings, item# 102. They came built, either unfinished with no components, unfinished with Houseworks components,  or with finished exterior. Renea used to have this house, but I can't for the life of me remember her username here. Her albums should be named though. She has since sold it to our local dollhouse shop I believe.

I have its sister, the Mt Vernon Colonial. Pictures are in my albums.

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Kelly, I *think* my house has the original houseworks components in it. But I cant remember for sure, and I can't access it right now. It does have thick plexiglass with taped on panes, so it might not be. (EDIT  I looked at my pictures, and it doesn't appear to have houseworks windows,  only the door. The trim looks like the picture in the OP) I think the house pictured has the stock provided trim.  Like Miranda mentioned, these houses do have the same kinds of trim around the roof and the base.

Here's the link to my album. I dont have any interior pictures, boo.


Nancy at HBS let me copy parts of the catalog a few years back, so I have the 1990 price list and a picture list of the different models. There are 12 pictured,  1 being the Houseworks Victorian. Both companies are here in Atlanta, so I imagine they worked closely together. I also copied the product pages of the Mt Vernon and Williamsburg, but I mailed the Williamsburg one to Renea (mygrommi) and dummy me didn't think to keep a copy. The big difference between Mt Vernon and Williamsburg is columns and front porch. It's a beautiful house, but it is huge. I call it my big scary brick house. Because I guess it wasn't heavy enough at the original 70 pounds, someone added real clay bricks to it!

The measurements for the Mt Vernon are 40" H 58" W 24" D. The porch is probably about 6", so the Williamsburg is about 18" deep.

Something funny... this weekend I was thinking about this house and how I could fit it in my work room to work on it. And then I see this post. Must be a sign! 

Let me know if you have any other questions.  :)

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7 minutes ago, sparklepuppies said:

 It looks like Renea took down her album of her Williamsburg, probably when she sold it.

I wish folks wouldn't take down their albums when they sell the houses; I don't, I figure people will w=still have questions and want to see how something looks.  Our album pictures can be a big help for newbs (and not so newbs, too).

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