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Am I crazy or is this a bash of the Beacon Hill? If it is, it's a fantastic bash!


And that brings up a question: why is the small room on the first floor always the kitchen? Why not add the bay window on the front and make it a small living room (or a larger one if you want to push it into the dining area), saving the larger room for a larger kitchen and dining room so the house can have a proper entry?


Saw this today and thought it looked interesting:





I just wish I could see the insides.

By the way, don't we have a thread for dollhouse eye candy already? If we do, I couldn't find it, so apologies for starting a new thread if there's already one around.

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2 hours ago, rodentraiser said:

Am I crazy or is this a bash of the Beacon Hill?...

I don't think so; back earlier in the blog it states that the house is built from foam core and shows photos of the RL houses that inspired it; and they do resemble the BH.

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The builder of the house is Auralea Krieger. She's the editor of American Miniaturist magazine and is crazy talented at making literally everything! This house is her design. If you ever get the chance, reading her blog from the beginning is fascinating. She also has another blog where she regularly posts creative and helpful tutorials.

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37 minutes ago, rodentraiser said:

Thank you, guys! I kept going over and over the house, trying to see whether or not it was bashed. I love the tower roof.

If you read that entry in the blog, she definitely had to "coax" it!

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I'm excited about this sofa tutorial: http://thekinfelddollhouse.blogspot.com/2017/09/dollhouse-couchsofa-tutorial.html

Its amazing to see the items that can be made with everyday materials like cereal boxes, fabric and paint. I love the idea of cutting up some of my kids' old clothes that can't be passed on to others (because holes or stains) and giving them new life in a dollhouse.

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