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Hello Everyone, Complete Newbie here

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I’m from Atlanta, GA and I’ve decided to start on a lifelong dream of mine of having a miniature dollhouse.  I’m going to start small with the Orchid because I don’t know what i’m doing.  When I see all the beautiful houses out here and custom furniture, accessories and stuff, I’m in awe.  You guys are so talented! I’m not a crafts person so all of this looks extremely difficult and looks like it requires a special gift.  Kudos to all of you.  Wish me luck.  I’m going to need it. :) If anyone would like to share any words of wisdom, I would greatly appreciate it.  I really am starting with no knowledge at all. 

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Hello CJ Sumlin ... I welcome YOU as a newcomer too (of sorts).  I am working on a dollhouse I started in '87 or '88, but am determined to finish it this year.  Everyone on this site is so welcoming... you will hear from them soon!  I am not an expert by any means, but I would share any of my ups and downs of building with you.  My newest adventure is buying a jointed 5'5" (in 1:12 terms meaning one inch equals one foot) doll. She is naked and wigless, so will be great dressing (going to try and make her clothing).  I just bought 2 wigs (hard to find) so that I can change her appearance.  Wish me luck on that!  Good Luck in your building, and listen to the experts on this site... they have the experience and knowledge that leaves me in awe.  galena gal

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Hi, Cerelia, and welcome to the forum! Several of us cut our teeth on Greenleaf's Orchid. It's a lovely little house, very versatile.

What part of Atlanta are in in? I'm in Hiram, NW of the city. There is another forum member not too far away in McDonough, south of the city.  We have a great bricks and mortar dollhouse store in Lawrenceville, also not too far away.  Miniature Designs.

If you have been hanging about on the forum for a while you may have already come across our first three recommendations for newbies:

  1. Read through the directions several times before you start punching out pieces. You may not want to follow the directions precisely. That's okay. Many members do not install windows and doors until the decorating is finished inside and out. Being able to reach through the openings can be handy, plus no paint or glue on the window panes. :) 
  2. When you are ready to begin building, do a dry fit --- fit the pieces together and hold them in place with masking tape or blue painter's tape before gluing. This gives you the opportunity to adjust the fit by shaving tabs or enlarging slots. You don't have to do the entire house at once, but do dry fit as you go along. Even a piece a little out of whack can cause problems later on.
  3. Don't use hot glue. The instructions were written a good while ago. We've learned that hot glue will eventually shrivel and dry up, causing the house to fall apart. Use a good wood glue, like Titebond to glue raw wood to raw wood. Aileen' Tacky Glue or any white glue (except Elmer's School glue) that dries clear will hold painted or stained surfaces together and is great for gluing in plastic window panes.

Ask all the questions you like. Keep in mind that you can't make an error that can't be fixed. Somebody here will have done the same thing and know how to meet the challenge. :) 

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4 hours ago, CJ Sumlin said:

...all of this looks extremely difficult and looks like it requires a special gift...I really am starting with no knowledge at all. 

Welcome to the little family, Cerelia.  First of all, my  favorite words of wisdom from Tracy Topps, one of our admins:  Inch by inch it's a cinch, but by the yard it's hard.  I have no special gift except stubbornness; except for the embroidery my grandma taught me and the crochet my momma tried to teach me and a couple of beginner painting classes in college, I had no knowledge, either.  If I can play with this hobby, I think anyone else who wants to can, too.

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Welcome, I'm a newbie too. I've been reading through the forum posts and looking at albums....I'm tackling Beacon Hill, but the basic tips and hints will help us all. I think Kathie B has a blog with great tips....enjoy the process bit by bit


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7 hours ago, CJ Sumlin said:

Thanks everyone.  I will keep you posted once I get started.  I’m definitely going to check out the big miniature store in Atlanta.  

Miniature Designs is in Lawrenceville. 

Whereabouts in Atlanta do you live? I'm northwest of the city in Hiram.

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      Hi, my name is Beth. Not only am I totally new to all this but I have been lost for a couple years and am looking for a direction to go. Let me explain just a bit...
      My mom (my best friend) was the miniature enthusiast, she had been collecting everything from the building supplies to the people and all the furniture, etc. in between. Many different scales and lots of years of collecting. My mom became ill and moved in with me and I cared for her until she passed 2 years ago. I acquired all my moms treasures which most had been packed/stored for 20 years. After 2 years, I have finally started looking in boxes as I need to downsize and I’m finally strong enough to do so. I know NOTHING about these & although I think they are amazing, it’s just not something that interests me nor would I ever find the time or patience for such intricacy! 
      Long story short, my husband has become ill and we are struggling. I know my mom would want me to profit from her stash any way possible to help us, that’s what we always did for each other. So, my question is...how and where can I educate myself in miniatures at a beginners level and maybe learn something about their value so I don’t get taken advantage of if/when I do sell some of these? Many of these are obviously very old. I am willing to take the time needed to learn some of this but have no clue where to start. This is the most informative site I have come across that has old and new posts from members that seem to be willing to answer questions and share info and for that I am very thankful. It has been a bit overwhelming trying to do this research. Thank you in advance to anyone that makes it through my post and takes the time to point me in a much needed direction.
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      Hi! My name is Dawn and I am from Alabama. I got interested in dollhouses about 14 or so years ago and bought a Dura-Craft Newberg. I started to put it together, but messed up some of the parts, so it's still in the box. I've had three kids since I bought it and they, along with other things, have kept me busy. I am hoping once we move later this month I can get it put together with replacement parts I have found.
      I kind of live in a dollhouse. lol It's 768 square feet and I live in it with my husband and our children who are 12, 4, and 2. We have replaced the floors, refurbished walls, and we're going to replace the windows soon. It's cute and cozy like a dollhouse.  Thank you all for letting me in your group!
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      Hello everyone! I’m new here. My Greenleaf Beacon Hill kit finally came in today! I’m a bit nervous as this is my first dollhouse build. Can anyone share some tips on what helped you? I heard the instructions are kind of difficult and hard to understand. I’ve been watching the YouTube videos and I can’t find one that is like a step by step. I already know some of the changes I’m going to make or other builders suggestions that I’m going to use. I’ve got most of the starter supplies: the glues, the clamps, painters tape, the ultimate cutter from hobby lobby, stains and some mini screwdrivers and a mini jewelry mallet/hammer. Any help throughout this would be so much appreciated! As A paramedic I work odd shifts so I plan to work on this on days off. I’d also like to possibly make my own kitchen counters. I’m in love with the farmhouse sink and I would like to incorporate that. I also do plan to run electricity.  Thank you all! 
    • By Deborah C
      Hi folks, I’m Deborah and I live in northern British Columbia. I completed one dollhouse with my mum (Dura-Craft Newburg) many years ago. My current plan, but we know how those can change, is to do a Greenleaf Westville set vaguely in the 1930s-1940s. After that I’m thinking of doing a Beacon Hill (anyone else watch Teen Wolf?). Although I also want to do a Glencroft and a log cabin (based on Laura Ingalls little houses, that’s blamed on a, uh, thanks to a member here although I cant remember who it was).
      So little time, so many little houses!
    • By JSundbakken
      Hello, My name is Jen and I have been a member since last year, but haven't completed my profile until now.  I live in St. Louis, MO and have a wonderful mini support team consisting of my awesome husband and sweet daughter. They know that they must be careful in my "delicate" work room, but that most dollhouse stuff is allowed to be played with and enjoyed.
      I became interested in building dollhouses last year when my daughter received an Arrow 10 room dream house as a gift.  It needed some rehabbing, so I thought this will be a nice project for us to work and play with together.  After a short time, I was hooked on the tiny details and imagining interior designs and have bought several furniture and house kits since.  I enjoy working with the wood, paint and building materials. Playing mini-interior designer is exciting too, as I love working with color theory, and imagining the lives of the little people that inhabit the homes. 
      I grew up playing with a Tomy Smaller Homes house and always wanted a real wooden house.  My cousin received a huge Real Good Toys house from my Uncle that I loved to look upon. It was not a plaything, but a collection. The attic was furnished in Dora Kuhn furniture from her trip to Germany to visit our family.  I thought the hand painted furniture was divine. Hence, my Dora Kuhn fascination began. 
      I recently completed a Greenleaf Orchid imagined as Santa's Gingerbread house.  My next project is a Duracraft Linfield that will be a Shabby Chic beach house.  But don't worry, I have a plethora of other homes and ideas to explore in the future.  Please join me in my mini fun journey.
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