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Hello everyone! I’m new here. My Greenleaf Beacon Hill kit finally came in today! I’m a bit nervous as this is my first dollhouse build. Can anyone share some tips on what helped you? I heard the instructions are kind of difficult and hard to understand. I’ve been watching the YouTube videos and I can’t find one that is like a step by step. I already know some of the changes I’m going to make or other builders suggestions that I’m going to use. I’ve got most of the starter supplies: the glues, the clamps, painters tape, the ultimate cutter from hobby lobby, stains and some mini screwdrivers and a mini jewelry mallet/hammer. Any help throughout this would be so much appreciated! As A paramedic I work odd shifts so I plan to work on this on days off. I’d also like to possibly make my own kitchen counters. I’m in love with the farmhouse sink and I would like to incorporate that. I also do plan to run electricity.  Thank you all! 

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Laura, feel free to post an introduction in the Newcomers' Forum.  What helps me is to read through the instructions more than once.  The first time I read them I check the parts in the instructions with the schematics sheets (I go ahead and stack the plywood sheets in numerical order so things are easier to find & compare).  The second time I have my utility knife in one hand, a sanding block handy and a roll or two of painters' tape and I dry fit the parts together, sticking them together with the tape; if tabs need sanding or slots need shaving to make things fit better, I do it then.  By not gluing the first time through, when I hit the "Wha...?" parts of the instructions I haven't committed myself to anything.  I don't fool with the windows or doors until I have begun to decorate, so as not to get paint or glue on the clear acetate window & door inserts.  Once the shell is in dry fit I can usually see where & how to do any bashing the house might want, as well as how it wants to be decorated.  I can also try on furniture for fit.

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Welcome, Laura! The BH is a magnificent house-- it was the first one that I wired for lighting, and I sure did learn alot on that house; started my Greenleaf blog on the BH: http://www.greenleafdollhouses.com/forum/?app=blog&module=blogs&controller=view&id=82&page=12

The biggest thing that helped/helps me is, like Holly said, dry-fitting.

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Welcome Laura.

The Beacon Hill is a fabulous house. Try not to stress out about the directions being vague. Try to keep your pieces organized and well labeled.

The biggest problem i have seen with Green leaf directions was that the name given to the piece in the instruction sheet (ie...Center post front) didn't always exactly match it's name on the schematics sheet(post front)....Luckily, there are many builders with pictures like @jrchob mentioned above. Even if you have glued something wrong, you can usually release it by heating the area with heat from a blow dryer.

~~~Wishing you good luck, and happy building~~~~~

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