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Lighting a Foamcore Dollhouse

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Does anyone have any experience lighting a dollhouse made of Foamcore? I am trying to decide among 3 volt LED systems, and round wire or tape wire. Also the house will be 1:16 scale. It's a 3 story, 10 room wall house of my own design. Has anyone built a large project in Foamcore? Is the 3/16th thick, readily available Foamcore adequate, or do I need to track down the 1/2 inch stuff? Or how about a double thickness? I would really love to here from someone who has actually worked with Foamcore, not just conjecture.

I live in an apartment so cutting out a house out of plywood is not practical. I have prior experience building kits and with the different wiring systems. I have also made a large house out of double thick cardboard before. I haven't ruled out cardboard as a building material, I just thought Foamcore might be more durable and nicer to work with.

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I've worked with multiple foamcore thickness, to prevent warping I would suggest 1/2 or thicker.  you won't regret it!  I have used the standard foamcore and experienced loads of warping on a garage I built, however once I utilized the 1/2 thickness no worries!

I'm also building a house out of gator board, although it is much sturdier at a smaller thickness, it requires sanding prior to painting and is quite expensive where I am and almost impossible to procure.   hth! and good luck in whatever material you choose to use!  I look forward to seeing some construction photos!

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