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1:16 scale furniture in 1:12 scale house?

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Hello there,

I am new to the mini community but have been an admirer for years.   I am giving my daughter a house full of furniture for Christmas this year and in the last two days have learned a lot of things about scale that I had no idea existed.   My problem is that I fell in love with some 1:16 scale furniture and ordered it not knowing that the home kits are specific sizes.   I LOVE the 1:12 scale homes more than the 1:16 scale home and am wondering if the 1:16 scale furniture will look terrible in a 1:12 scale home?   I plan on using all 1:16 scale furniture and dolls. 

Do any of you have both a 1:12 scale home and 1:16 scale furniture that you could show me a picture of the size difference.  I've searched everywhere online and have only been able to find pictures of the furniture compared to each other but not a 1:12 scale home with all 1:16 scale furniture inside.  

Thank you so much!   I'm sure as I get building, I will have a million more questions as well. 

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Hi, Denise, I hope you'll post an introduction in the Newcomers' Forum so you can tell us how you get attracted to our mini mania hobby.  1:16 furniture in a 1:12 house is sort of like putting regular 1:1 furniture into a high-ceilinged, large-roomed Victorian mansion or a palace.  Where did you find 1:16 dolls?

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Hi, Denise.

Even among 1:12 house kits, room size and ceiling heights vary considerably. I'm thinking that since 1:16 furniture is smaller than 1:12, it may work well in a smaller 1:12 house.  Off the top of my head, I don't recall anyone here using that combination. Perhaps someone who has a Lundby (1:16) house might photograph some of the furniture in a 1:12 house so you can see for yourself.

1 hour ago, havanaholly said:

Where did you find 1:16 dolls? Holly, Lundby houses are 1:16. Dolls are available on the Lundby website. Found some on Ebay as well.


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I have some Lundby and Tomy furnishings and some dolls that measure 3 3/4 inches tall.  When standing a 3 3/4" doll next to some of my 1:12 scale doors, the dolls head is not much above the 1:12 scale doorknob.  I will try to post a picture of Lundby dining table and chairs in a 12" wide (1:12 scale dining room).



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1 hour ago, thriftymini said:

If you are building the house, you would be able to make changes that will work better with the 1:16 scale.  Something like just lowering the doorknobs.

...and shortening the doorways and doors...

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I used 1:16 furniture in a 1:12 house for my 3 year old. It was fine for children to play with. It made the rooms seem rather spacious. THe windows will be high and the doors large. The stairs were large, but hey no one minded.



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21 hours ago, thriftymini said:

I have some Lundby and Tomy furnishings and some dolls that measure 3 3/4 inches tall.  When standing a 3 3/4" doll next to some of my 1:12 scale doors, the dolls head is not much above the 1:12 scale doorknob.  I will try to post a picture of Lundby dining table and chairs in a 12" wide (1:12 scale dining room).



I looooooOOOooooOOOoove the look of your house.

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