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Help with joining dormers

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I realize I should have wallpapered and wrapped it around the edge of the inside roof, but I couldn’t get it to fit properly with the extra layer of paper/adhesive. Any suggestions for how to finish this edge where the inside wall papered roof meets the inside of the painted dormer? I was thinking clear nail polish, but I’m wondering if some sort of stripping would look better? This is a picture of the edge I’m talking about. 


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I would gently peel back the paper from the rough edge and run just enough spackle (or drywall "mud") along the rough edge to smooth it, and when it's dry and sanded, paint it to match the rest of the wall and then glue your paper back down.

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11 minutes ago, Sable said:

Mine are skylights and not dormers but I think trim would be your best bet.  Possibly an “L” channel to wrap it. One can never have enough trim. 

Is there a trim you recommend? I’ve used the wooden ones that you cut, but I am wondering if there is something adhesive. Time to learn some wood cutting skills!

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