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Fair offer for an Artply Franklin?

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Hi all, I’m new here...

Looking to purchase an Artply kit, probably a Franklin, and I’m wondering if I could get some input on how much you’d pay for one (maximum). 

I should add that I’ve only ever built one dollhouse before and I’m pretty sure it was an Artply house. After doing some searching I’m thinking the house I had was a Franklin or a Rutherford, based on the number of rooms and layout. This was back when I was around 11 or 12, so about twenty years ago... hence why I can’t remember exactly. 

Anyways, I’ve been scouring eBay and was considering making an offer but I don’t want to insult a seller with too low of a price! I figure I’m taking a huge risk on some of the kits I saw that look like they were stored in less than ideal conditions, to put it lightly. 

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Rachel. Welcome to the forum, and good luck with your quest! :) 

I think you'll find that pricing of dollhouses and dollhouse kits are all over the map. What one is worth is the amount someone else is willing to pay for it. (Someone recently posted a $130 Greenleaf Lily kit on eBay for $5,000. We are still laughing.) Decide what it is worth to you, and make an offer. Normally we share eBay listings in the Ebay, Etsy & Craig's List thread, but you may want to put a link to the kit you are considering in this thread to get feedback regarding how much some members here would offer for this particular kit. If storage conditions are as you describe, you may be advised to keep on looking. 

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Just my two cents, but I would not buy a kit that looks funky or damaged, nor would I buy one that has been opened unless I can stand there with the seller and go over the entire kit with the schematics sheet in hand to make sure everything is there.

While you're looking, perhaps you'll post an introduction in the Newcomers' forum so we can all welcome you.

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I sold my Franklin for about $70. It was brand new. I would offer $50 at first. The seller can always counter. Don't forget about the shipping costs. Sometimes people will work with you if the shipping is crazy expensive.

Good Luck!:D

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I bought mine from a forum member. I paid about $50, which included shipping from Wisconsin to Washington state. The box was in bad shape,  but the kit was complete and in good shape and included instructions. All of this was disclosed prior to the sale. 


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