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I picked up a dollhouse trunk kit from an estate sale and thought it would be the perfect accessory for my most recent house building project.  However, while all of the pieces/components were there, the kit was missing the critical instructions.  I thought it would be a cinch since, after all, it was only a basic trunk, but when I poured out the contents there seemed to be a few more pieces than what was represented in the only drawing that was included.

First off, just based on the picture (there was no manufacturer information included) can anyone identify this kit?  Secondly, I am pretty since the inside is intended to be papered, that this is a fully functioning, hinged, trunk and that the additional pieces are a part of that mechanism, but I am unsure of how to proceed.  Can anyone advise based on the picture?  I will do my best to describe the pieces:

The kit came with:

  • Wooden pieces to assemble top and bottom of trunk (done)
  • Brass findings for the top and sides of trunk (done)
  • Brass latch for the front of trunk (done)--all placed based on picture

The parts I am uncertain of:

  • 4 brass half circles--I am assuming that these represent the back hinges, but am not sure if they belong visible on the back or on the inside back of the trunk when open
  • 2 small brass medallions (they are cupped as seen in second picture).  Each of the medallions has a small hole on one end
  • 2 small brass wires that came pre-bent--I experimented with these and they pass easily through the hole in the medallions without going all the way through
  • 2 small brass hoops that slightly thin at the joint
  • 1, approx 1.5" brass wire
  • 1 piece yellow satin ribbon


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The ribbon is likely a stopper to stop the trunk lid from flipping completely open and should be placed on the diagonal and under the interior paper like these ones on this picnic basket.. Trunks often only have them on one side.

Image result for miniature trunks 1:12

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Trunk kit #Cats8 made by Cat's Paw

I couldn't find this trunk on their site or much of any trunks.

The trunk kits may have been a limited item? On the Handley House site it says only 4 available.

They seem to specialize in brass parts & findings.

Maybe you could email them? Email: Info@CatsPawOnline.com



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Thank you all so much!  That is exactly the kit I have and based on the picture I was able to solve another part of the puzzle--the picture shows the brass medallions on the side of the box.  I have emailed the manufacturer as well as JustMiniatureScale for the instructions. 

You are all so very wonderful :^)


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