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Hello Everyone!

I just discovered this forum and am so grateful! I am remodeling my childhood dollhouse that my dad made for me. I have cleared out the entire house of everything including wallpaper and flooring. I have left the existing electric tape and would like to add on to it seeing as though it still works. I bought the blue and copper tape wire to use throughout the house and am wondering how to attach it to the existing tape wire which is two copper pieces (no blue piece). Is it possible? I assume there is a way. 

I have also purchased brads to use in connecting them. From reading some other posts am I correct in thinking I should purchase eyelets instead?

Thank you, Kouwe

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Eyelets are the preferred connections since they cover more surface and don’t wiggle loose.  Then apply tape on them so they don’t corrode. It doesn’t matter what color you add to your first connection but be consistent with blue to blue for the new connections.  Have you watched any YouTube video’s on this topic?

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Hi and welcome! :wave:  Yes, eyelets are the preferred method to make connections.....and DEF watch those YouTube videos!  :)   I do rehabs and have connected "old" tape wire to new on several occasions.  If there is any section that looks corroded, do replace with new tape wire but otherwise it should work fine.  To make a straight-line connection, fold over the edge of the new tape wire (make sure it is straight & press firmly for a flat fold!), overlap the folded tape wire onto the existing tape wire (blue to blue, copper to copper) and then insert the eyelets at the fold.  Cover the connection with tape.

Will be anxious to see pics of your project!  :)


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Wow!!!! I feel so welcomed! Thank you all so much for the quick response and the great advice! That youtube tutorial is so great! It made me want to add sconces and a couple exterior lights!!! I will be posting a couple pictures of my dollhouse here and in the newcomers forum in its current condition. I'm not sure what kind of dollhouse it is. I don't even know what the different kinds are.

Thanks again.

DH 1 .jpg


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Just thought of one more question. As I begin putting the tape wiring up throughout the house should I primer the walls before putting the tape in? Or should I do all the electric and then primer the walls right over the tape wiring? Eventually I will be putting wallpaper up.

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Prime with a good primer first.  You are going to have to place a solid wood beam along the front of the ceiling to hold that floor up. Glue and clamp the beam for at least a week. No spray of water will fix the years of bowing. Or insert another wall to hold it up. 

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Looks like a Real Good Toys house....does it have a stamp on the bottom?

I agree with the "beam" treatment.  You can find thick square or rectangle dowel rods at your local craft store.  Perhaps your living room could have a coffered ceiling!  :)  

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So .... new plan. I'll out the wiring on hold and primer everything and fix the warping floor. 

It might be a Real Good Toys House. ... I cannot look for a stamp because I don't have others to help me lift it. When friends come over I'll have to have them help me out with that!

I never even thought of a coffered ceiling! That may have to happen now!

Thanks for a the help everyone.

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