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CJN Miniatures in Edmonds, WA recently moved to a new store at 23030 Hwy 99. It is a yellow 2-story building between Les Schwab & Public Storage. They not only have everything you need for a dollhouse, but also dolls, collectibles & antiques now. They offer consignment at 30% and have many artisan and older items in stock. Visit them at




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    • By AlisonJR

      I am currently working on my first dollhouse. It is an Alison Jr. I am hoping to handpaint and illustrate my own wallpaper and am not sure where to start. What paper is recommended? Also wondering if a seal, specific glue is required. I was hoping to make individual entire wall sized paintings (probably with watercolour paint) that will mount to the walls as wallpaper (and won't fade over time). 
    • By acherrera3
      I am so excited about this wallpaper. It is a copy of the paper in the Gallier House sitting room right here in New Orleans. I purchased this wonderful paper from an Etsy seller, and can't wait to use it in my new house.
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      Dolls House wiring specialist from Small world Products

      Wiring a Doll’s House here is some information you might like to look at, it all works around our SWP Easy-Wire system wiring a Dolls House 1/12th or 1/24th
      Have you check out our YouTube channel


      There is a lot of information on our Doll's House wiring for Lighting / Fires page


      And if you need any help here is the link for you


      By the way we send all over the world

      There are lots more on http://www.littlehousesplu-shop.co.uk

    • By LeFemmeFatale
      Does anyone happen to know if any of the miniature sites like Miniatures.com ever do Black Friday sales? I need to order quite a few things, but I'd hate to order them now and then find out I could get them cheaper in a few weeks. 
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