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Hi from Omaha, NE

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Hello everyone!

I'm Lindsay, I recently got re-interested in doll houses and miniatures. I bought a couple of DIY room kits on a whim and I'm hooked! I am currently planning out what my first real house project should be. I don't know whether to get a kit and build myself or hold out for a second hand house in need of renovation. I've been lurking through the forums for a few weeks and I love all the brilliance and creativity here! I look forward to learning more.

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Hi Lindsay, welcome. My first house was a rehab, good deals can usually be found on Craigslist. In some ways it's harder to do a rehab but in other ways it's easier lol, so I don't have any useful advice there. Get a project (house) you can be excited about though. Have fun, glad you found us. 

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Welcome to the little family, Lindsay.  I started out building kits.  My first real rehab was a kit that had been originally built with hot glue & was falling apart, so I now only rehab houses that were first built with hot glue,, since I still take them completely apart, remove all the hot glue and rebuild them using carpenter's wood glue.

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49 minutes ago, LadyGunn said:

Welcome, Lindsay!

I don't know if you're aware, but there are several very active miniature groups in Omaha. One has a blog here: http://ocbmg.blogspot.com/ That's a great group of people and wonderful miniaturists. :) 

That's so cool! I hadn't looked into area groups but it's great to know!

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