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Hello from New Brunswick Canada!

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Hello everyone! I am new to the forum and relatively new to miniatures...although I have been fascinated by them all my life.  I usually bake and decorate custom cakes (photo gallery on Facebook at Karenmakescakes.) I was given a Garfield kit a few years back and made so many mistakes that I gave up and it sits incomplete in my "office".  I desperately want to see it finished this year so I'm turning to the experts here to fix my mistakes and gain the momentum I've been lacking to get this project done.  Looking forward to the adventure!

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Hi Karen,  it's been quite some time since I've been on here but I had to write and ask whereabouts in New Brunswick?   I was born in Fredericton and go back every so often.  Still have most of my cousins and a few uncles and aunts left living there.  I grew up in Marysville, just outside of Fredericton.  Good luck on your Garfield, that one I never did build.


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Thanks for the warm welcome everyone! Wendy, I live in Waterville, only an hour's drive from Fredericton. Waterville is central/western NB, halfway between Woodstock and Hartland. It is nice to not feel quite so anonymous when there is someone who knows my province like you do!  And Barb--I am only a 25 minute drive to the Houlton, Maine border. Small world, isn't it?  

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    • By JeannieS
      Hi, Everyone!  I am new to the Greenleaf Forum.  I live in Fairfield County, CT.  I have loved tiny things since I was a child and from about age 9 into my teens I loved decorating my childhood dollhouse (a four-room tin house with an "addition" of 8 rooms thanks to two liquor store boxes, haha) and making mini things for it.  I really didn't pack the house away until I went to college, but then for about ten years I didn't think much about miniatures.  Then I found a dollhouse kit at Goodwill and put that together and decorated it sort of on a whim.  Ten MORE years went by, and my mom sent me a little quarantine birthday care package that contained a miniature room kit, which I finished putting together a few weeks ago.  I started poking around on Instagram looking at some of the amazing things miniaturists do, and now I am wondering why I haven't been making miniatures and building things this whole time!  I think I didn't realize what a large community of people it is.  It sort of felt like something I enjoyed as a kid and almost didn't realize could be a hobby for me as a "grown-up", too.  So here I am!  I just bought an Aster Cottage kit, and am slowly getting ready to put that together with a Christmas theme, but I'm doing lots of reading and preparing because I want it to look great :-)  
    • By Lula
      Oh my goodness, I so happy I found this forum. Super excited to get to know all these creative minds.  I have zero experience building dollhouses - well as an art student 100 years ago in HS, I did create a miniature Shakespearian Scene for my English teacher. That’s it!
      My husband purchase this dollhouse for my at a Fleamarket. I’m planning on rehabbing it ;-) 
    • By lrsafari
      Although in the near term I won't be able to contribute... It is rude to drop by without annoucing your arrival
      Scott, living in Phoenix, Arizona with family. Years desired to build a dollhouse for daughters, but time and life didn't allow. I hope to refocus later in life and build in On30, O gauge (Lionel) narrow gauge model railroad.  Large scale, and motion.
      Will post in correct forum, will pass on a Dura-Craft  Heritage.  
      I looked through a lot of your posts and work.  Stunning demonstration of skill, art, focus and patience!
    • By my minnie me
      Hello Everyone,  My name is Wendy and I have recently started building my first dollhouse, the Beacon Hill.  I am making it to look "haunted".  The most surprising thing I have found out about this hobby is that it takes so much time!  Although I'm lucky enough to have time to work on it, LOL!  Since late July, I've been spending about 5-6 hours a day, punching out, sanding, painting, gluing and researching what the heck I'm doing and how to do it!  LOL!  I have found the instructions for the kit to be very confusing and lacking in pictures.  I have also found "typos" that actually make it even more confusing.  For example, the chimney instructions regarding the "flue" and adding trim to the outside of the chimney, the first step referencing the pieces on the schematic drawing refers to six middle flue pieces and 2 flue sides but then the first direction on what to glue together refers to six flue sides.  Anyway, it's things like this that make assembly more challenging.  I've been greatful though to find other builders willing to share their experiences and who took the time to either make videos or take pictures with explanations.  One good source I have used is "jennsminis.wordpress.com".  She actually cut the Beacon Hill into two houses and is doing the chimney side house now.  Laurie Heisler is also I very good resource for dollhouse tutorials.  Her website is "dollhouseminiaturemadnessandtutorials.com"  She and her Dad have done numerous videos showing the Beacon Hill and various other tutorials on miniatures.  I look forward to sharing my progress on this house with you all and hopefully gain further knowledge from you all!  Here is a pic of what I've done with the interior so far.
    • By Marcy
      Hello, I've been fascinated with small things my entire life.  I remember reading an article about dollhouses when I was in high school.  I remember two things from the article: 1-How absolutely transfixed I was with the doll house on display and 2Hhow anyone looking at the kitchen would see the little white eggs in the basket, but they wouldn't see the yellow yolks inside.  Only the creator would know the yolks existed in the eggs but it was a satisfaction worth achieving.  I've always felt the same way...the details are important, even if I am the only one who knows the details are there.  I'm hoping to take this obsession with little details with me as I explore the world of minis.
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