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Puzzled over three house id's

Thimble Hall

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While cruising e bay today I came across 3 houses all in boxes and all seemed exactly the same  to me but had 3 different names

The Artply Allison

The Whitney Cambridge

The Whitney

As I have one built, I would like to know which one it is, I bought it partially constructed with no box. Have these houses changed names or manufacturers  along the way?


the allison house.jpg

the whitney.jpg

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On 12/30/2017, 8:35:42, Selkie said:

Having issues getting the blog link in here. Trying again.

Newts blog


I found this thread for the first time on July 29, 2018. Today, I can get to Newt's blog from the link that Selkie provided on 12/30/17 (thanks, Selkie). HOWEVER, all of the links under the dollhouse names that I tried landed me on the homepage for the Greenleaf community. Can anyone tell me how to get to the photos, etc. that Newt posted? Thanks.

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:-(   Are the links gone forever?! It seems to me that they are a resource that's perpetual.

I appreciate minime posting a link to the album, but I had already seen that. It's the links in the blog that I suggest be restored, if possible.

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