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Birthday Greetings to Holly

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Thank you, Jeannine.  We celebrated with dinner out yesterday.  The hubs gave me a bracelet of little turquoise turtles.  Today he and The Kid are clearing out the back of the car and packing most of the DS' tuff into it, and I shall be packing for overnight, since we take advantage of the trip to Tallahassee to take a mini road trip coming home.  This time once we cross the Apalachicola River we're headed north to cross the Panhandle along State Road 2 to Baker, where we can stop for lunch at Gator's and continue on over on State Road 4 to Century, then hang a left on US29 to US90Alt & home.  It's a really gorgeous route, through lots of forest land.

Last year we spent the night in Panama City and came back along State Road 30A, along the coast, to see the remaining dune lakes before developers totally destroy them.

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Well, I guess I've been out in la la land. A very Happy (belated) Birthday to you, Holly! I hope Santa gives you everything you want! Wait...wrong celebration...*goes to check calendar again*  Anyway, I hope you got everything you wanted for your birthday, including more miniatures!

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The only gifts I treasure at my age are having the kids visit and not having to cook!  De Lorme didn't show the "interesting" glitch in yesterday's proposed road trip up to State Road 2 and across the Panhandle, and after 40 minutes of passing various harvested cotton fields we wound up on the road to Marianna, FL; so we came on home along US90, stopping in Milton, FL, for supper at The Shrimp Basket.

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