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I finally got a Bostonian!

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So excited, after all these years I finally got a Bostonian dollhouse!  I found a pre-built one on the local classifieds. It needs work but I love the colors. I will take photos this weekend to post. love the colors, gonna have to find similar paint and repaint it. The interior is untouched, so no problem with removing old décor!


Anyway, I moved to a new place about 8 months ago. My dollhouses were stored in the garage until last month. I now have them upstairs in the spare bedrooms. Definitely in the mode of dollhouse building. started on a kit last week and primed it a couple of days ago. 



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Yay!! That’s so cool you got one! You’ve been wanting that forever! I can not wait to see you bring it to life Marg! I always LOVE your houses! I can’t believe it’s been 8 months already since you’ve moved! I hope you share pictures of the houses in their new bedrooms :flowers: 

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Welcome back, Marg. I Googled Bostonian dollhouse images and got a whole range of designs. Obviously they can't all be Bostonians, so I'm still curious as to what it looks like. . Looking forward to photos of yours.

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It's been awhile since I've posted. I actually have 2 Bostonians now. The first one is in rough shape. It's missing one of the foundation pieces. I had plans to buy more wood to fix it. I saw a local classified that had a Bostonian for $50.00. I ended up buying it with the thought that it would be cheaper to work on the second house and sell the first one. I still haven't sold the first one. LOL. 

The second Bostonian was built unpainted and with the windows glued in place. I think she may have even used hot glue on some of the pieces, and wood glue for the rest. The construction  is not bad, not perfect but it does look nice over all. She even had some of the railing glued on. The interior walls are crooked so I need to remove them and straighten them out. So far I removed as much of each window as I could. I broke some of the framing on a few, but I already have trim that is pretty close so I can replace the broken pieces. I couldn't decide on what color to paint the house. I went to Walmart and found a couple of cans of mistinted paint. One was a forest greenish color, the other a creamy tannish color. at any rate, both cans were at discounted prices and they look like they will go together....so...I feel like it was meant to be. I haven't worked on the house since I painted it the first coat since it has been so cold outside and the dollhouse is in the garage. I have a space heater but it's still uncomfortable outside. The house doesn't have wallpaper or anything inside, which is nice, I will just have to prime the walls and ceiling before I start hanging wallpaper. 

Haven't decided what to do with the other Bostonian. I paid $130 for  it. It seems silly to sell it, but then again I am overrun with large dollhouses. I will post them in my gallery or blog soon.. I have to get on my other computer to get to the photos.

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IMG_9871 (1)IMG_9870




IMG_9036 (3)




The blue house is the first Bostonian that I bought. The other I am painting a foresty green. I took off as much of the windows as I could. The parts that are left have primer on them, that is not the actual color the windows will be. I need another coat or 2 of the green, obviously. I don't have to take off the shingles as they are so thin that I can just shingle over them. The house pictures without the paint are the before photos.

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