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I think wet felting is so cool looking, I love the slippers and purses I've seen made with that technique. Someday I'm going to try some small wet felted rugs for my fairy manor. 

Im a lock hoarder...I would be in 7th heaven shopping at an event like that. 

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Those are fabulous! Needle felting was going to be my project once I got my massive steampunk Christmas present out of the way. Now I have the dollhouse so... We'll see! 

I've always been unable to do any craft involving needles of any sort, but I thought this could be another attempt. My grandmother was a genius seamstress and my mom could knit, crochet, embroider and do cross stitch. Then there was me...needle pathetic. 

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It's definitely not like using a needle to do regular sewing so in that way you may have better luck. 

I've been making some tree ornaments, woodland gnomes and fairies :) was able to use some of the buffalo wool Jeannine sent. So fun :) 




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1 hour ago, WyckedWood said:

The fairies were fun too. These were made from instructions found in the Christine Schafer books. 




These angels are adorable you are a very talented artist.  I collect christmas angels and would like to make these in my colors . Someday ( now added to list of things I want to make )


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24 minutes ago, NellBell said:

I watched the mouse video so cute and it really looks like fun . This could be in my future . Did you buy here tools ?

Not really, the tools (there aren't many needed) I bought at Hobby Lobby and/or Micheals. I have bought from Sarafina though. Their shipping is kind of high. There's another big supplier out of Texas I think, that's supposed to be really good for prices etc. but I can't remember the name of it, sorry. If you google needle felting supplies it would be one of the larger suppliers that would pop up. 

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As a base for needle felting I use poly fibres, the stuff that pillows are filled with. It makes a great solid base and then I add marino wool. It takes to it really well. x I am making a needle felt doll at the moment, she is hardley a miniature at life size but it is working out quite well. I am halfway through the head right now.


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I came across this craft last year when I (accidently) bought a christmas decoration kit from Hobbycraft without knowing what it was. (It was animal related, which is why I bought it.) I've yet to make them, though as the lack of step by step photos in the kit put me off it a wee bit and I thought I should start with something simpler, or at least with something that had proper instructions in it.

Personally, I think that it would be great for folks to master this craft for their dolls houses, espeacially if you like to do fantasy characters (like the gnomes) and animals because you can't always find things like that easily for your projects, at least not in an inexpesnive way at least. There are lots of supplies on etsy and I hope to get a starter kit one day to have a go, but my other crafty projects seem to get in the way of it.

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