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Mini granny squares

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When my mother originally taught me to crochet I was 6 or 7 and learned with a small steel hook and crochet thread, then played with it on my own using ends of spools of sewing thread.  I have

I finished my first ever grannie square.   Put it under stuff on pinterest.

Lace is classic and never goes out of style in my book.   Wow Holly! Sewing thread is not easy to work with. Nice work!

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O really,, of course I am a dope that is why you were asking about needle ..dong!!ll now please tell me where I can get that pattern where I  Know the centre petal part.  To avoid some joins could you make the centre then pick up and knit the edge stitches on the three sides on a circular needle somehow . I do a lot of shawls that way  as I am sure you do too.

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Sorry I didn’t get back until now, but it looks like you have the link from Deborah.  I hunted down my needles and I do have US sizes 1, 0, 00, 000 all in one set, so I just need to find time to go up and farret out the yarn in my craft room.   I will probably do the motif like shawl work and pick up stitches, the ruffle is 9 stitches that you knit for the circumference of the bedspread on 3 sides, that is a lot of turning.  Sometimes after I start something I figure out a better way so we will see.

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Hi I got the pattern last night from the Ravelry link and printed  it off.. I am going to start  it as stated in 2 ply to see how it comes then I may downsize it. The bit I don't understand is for the half size she calls for silk sewing thread. I have YLI silk sewing thread which I use for applique on quilts but it is extremely fine much finer than regular sewing thread and with the needles she suggests I think it will be too loose so maybe there is a silk sewing thread I am not aware of. I may just try it first in 1 ply cobweb wool and see what I get.. I also have cotton quilting thread from YLI which is heavier. Or I may try the YLI silk and trust the pattern, I have done that petal leaf on big shawls and the pattern is quite an easy one so we will see what we will see.

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