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Autumn Crafts


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I used to be a high school teacher, but because of financial and other reasons I decided to join a program that retrains high school teachers to become elementary school teachers, since job prospects are much better in that area. That means that I don't only get to teach English and Geography now, I also get to teach art. And that means a dream has come true. I get to teach my favourite hobby! I get to plan lessons on my crafting desk! It's wonderful! So I'm trying a lot of different things to see how long they take me and what is involved in it to get an idea whether it's something I can do with 8-year-olds or not.

So here are the things I'm going to do in class from now til Christmas. (The bees houses and bees mobile I did before the autumn break.)





IMG_1044 - Kopie.JPG









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Speaking from personal experience, 8 year olds LOVE paper mache or any other messy craft medium that makes up into something neat!  And over here in the US honey bees are in a lot of trouble, mostly from pesticides; and if we lose our honey bees and other pollinators, there goes our food supply!

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I have a paper maché project planned for the end of the school year. If you check youtube for creative mom, she does fairy houses with lights out of plastic bottles and paper clay. I'd love to do that in school, but need to keep the limited time in mind. That's why I craft things at home first. If something takes me 4.5 hrs, that would already be 3 weeks in school, without taking into consideration that kids will need longer than I do!

Honey bees are in trouble over here, too. We talked about bees in social studies and visited a bees keeper and his hives. And since art is often connected with the topics we talk about in social studies, I decided to do the houses which the kids then can hang in their yards or on their balconies. Our new topic in social studies is forests, hence all the leaf/autumn projects. :D

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