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Wrong bulbs for DIY lights?

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I purchased some light bulbs to add to DIY light fixtures. When they came in the mail they were different than I expected. Mainly, the wires were much shorter and were not insulated. Did I order the wrong thing? Can I still use these for my light fixtures?

I'm a total newbie to the Dollhouse world and this is my first build and first lighting project. However, I'm experienced in other handicrafts so if you have any advice I'm sure I could manage it.
Thank you!


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You have bi-pin bulbs there, not wiring. You can use these but you need some bi-pin socket wires or bi-pin candle socket wires to go with them. I'll try to find some links.

BTW your fixtures are lovely :) 

Edit: http://www.blackwells-miniatures.com/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=bi+pin+socket

You don't have to buy from the site linked, lots of miniature sites have them. I've just linked this so you know what you are looking for. :) 

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Thank you very much!

I think I get the idea. The candle sockets would look great in some lights while the wired bulbs would be great for others. Maybe I'll keep some of the bi-pins I ordered and try them out. Thank you very much for your response and help!

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