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Dollhouse Miniatures 1/10-1/12 Scale Window


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This is a highly detailed Window ready for your dollhouse. Made of white PLA.

Measures 3.18 x 5.27 x 0.59
Opening is 3 1/4" x 2 1/8"
Print Time: 1hrs - 51min
Can be found here:

All of my items are created on a 3D Flashforge Creator Pro Printer. They are printed at 200 microns resolution which is very detailed.This item is sold unpainted. This way you can add your own touch to your piece. This item is designed for 1/10 – 1/12 scale.


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    • By Jesseblues89
      I have recently acquired a amazingly beautiful doll house for FREE, hard to believe, but it's true. There are a few cosmetic issues on the exterior that need replaced and/or fixed: The entire porch railing. Most of the clear plastic window backings are missing. Doors need it be replaced. Trim work needs to be replaced, and from what I can tell, a balcony/walkway of some sort existed above thw3rd floor window and wrapped around  both sides of the house. I want to restore & repair it to prime condition & do it correctly.
      I was never lucky enough as a child to have one of my own. So this is a very special project for me to say the least, lol.
      I have no information on it what so ever & would really like to figure a few things out about it, if possible:
      ¹What particular kind of doll house it? ²How old is it? ³What can be DIY/hand-made instead of buying expensive pre-made kits, like porch railing, banisters ect? ⁴Is it possible to add a balcony to the 2nd or 3rd floor? ⁵Is it possible to modify an existing window into a doorway? ⁶Is it possible to add/remove interior walls to make rooms/areas bigger/smaller? ⁷Can a door be added to an existing interior wall? ⁸Can a 2nd door leading to the porch be added on the side of the house? 
      I have no clue and figured the best thing to do was ask. 
      ANY tips & advice on the best way to go about any of this would be greatly appreciated!
      My ultimate goal is to completely restore & repair the entire doll house top to bottom.

    • By scalemodelplanet
      would love to see the oldest miniature you have and what is so special about it to keep it this long with you  
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      I have made working miniature power tools like Power drill, angle grinder, circular saw, air blower...and more with the name of "SAZOH miniature power tools"
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      Hi I am new here and i love making scale models of different things, specially tools. 
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