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Taking the mystery out of punchneedle rugs


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8 hours ago, Mid-life madness said:

Thank you so much for posting this info. I recently bought a kit off of Etsy but wasn't quite sure about the needle etc.The information you posted answered a lot questions about punch embroidery.  Your rugs are beautiful!

Thank you! And happy to help, hope you enjoy the process. My first time it took me awhile to figure out the stitch and threading the needle, hope the pictures help, in combination with the diagrams, instructions that come with the needle. 

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Jenni, feel free to post an introduction in the Newcomers' Forum.  Usually the runners for stair treads are stitched like needlepoint.  I suppose one could do them in punchneedle, sort of like the shag carpet we had on the stairs in our house in Havana, FL.  Those were a bear to vacuum.

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