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Florida show

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I am not sure if I'm posting in the correct section, but there is a miniatures show in Lakeland, Fl which is a few hours drive for me. I was wondering if any of the Floridians here have ever attended this show? I would've loved to have gone to the Chicago show, but due to medical issues, I am not always able to travel. Does anyone know if this a show with a lot of vendors and displays? I know you can shop online, but it's nice to see the products in person.  I am just starting a scratch build house, but it has been many years since I was involved in miniatures. Now that I find myself with some time to dedicate to this hobby(  I am now disabled due to the big "C") I am  excited to attend some shows. I'm hoping it's worth the trip. I have been lurking in this forum and I am so fascinated by the talent here. There is such a wealth of information here and for that, I am grateful. Thank you!

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I went to it 3 years ago. It's a smaller show, not like the ones in Chicago. According to their site they expect 27 dealers so it is larger than our Boca show.  I don't know where you are driving from but it is easier to get there from the north and west than it is from the south and east of Florida. 

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Thank you Sable. We are going and will make a weekend trip and have a good time either way.  Looking forward to seeing what they have. The last time I went to a show, it was in Orlando in the 1990's. I hope to make it to a big show sometime.

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