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Minis On The Edge

10/26/06 Games

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Board Game = Scrabble & Boggle, although chess, checkers, parchesi, Othello, Pente & Monopoly are close

Video Game = mah-jong

Active & Physical = walking (walking races, aka "wobbles"; can't do so well now due to recurring, crippling foot cramps); can & do still hike

Card Game = Canasta, Spades a close second (used to play Bridge, several lifetimes ago)

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Board Game = Clue, Monopoly

Video Game = Anything Mario, Quake, Doom, Unreal Tournament, Half Life, Battle Field, Guitar Hero, Diablo, Halo

Active & Physical = I work out indoors does that count?

Card Game = Solitare, Gin Rummy

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List them as:

Board Game = Aggravation and Sorry yahtzee(carry a handheld yahtzee game with me most days)

Video Game = Sonic the Hedge hog and still wish I could play it and (this is gonna date me) Pitfall I so kicked butt on that game. oh and at the arcade I am a die hard centipede gamer!

Active & Physical = frisbe and basketball when I could and would again in a sec. I used to wow the kids with my frisbee tricks...grew up in the country and we played outside ALL the time...and thats what my friends an I did. and badmiton

Card Game = I like Mils Bornes(sp?) and rummy. I enjoy a good game of Texas Poker but I would never want to play strip Texas Poker coz I totally....well you know.. :thumb: .but its fun to play. :D

how fun to read all of this...good question Tracy!

nutti :yes:

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Board Game = Sorry, Game of Life

Video Game = cubis2, Bookworm, Teddybear Factory

Active & Physical = play fetch with my dog and tug of war

Card Game = rummy, spider solitare, uno

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