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Thanksgiving and holiday items being added to shop

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    • By WyckedWood
      My latest porcelain doll. More photos on my Facebook page Blue Moon Doll Studio. 
    • By KatFord
      Jolly Old Santa Clause was my favorite childhood book, and for YEARS I've had in my head to recreate the different scenes from the book for a huge Christmas display. Some will be houses, some will be storefronts and some will be ones I hope to create from start to finish. The first scene is the one below of Mrs. Clause's kitchen. I believe I've figured out most of what I'm going to do, but I'm baffled by the column there to Santa's left. I'll be using a combination of foam core and builder's foam for the fireplace, the archways, and the floor, but I can't think of what to use to make that column.
      The upstairs will be converted to an entire floor rather than a loft and I'm going to use that as 2 rooms, a cookie boxing room, and pantry. 
      Any suggestions for what to use as the column? 

    • By Littlehousesplus125
      For people all round the world
      Don't forget there are lots of products in our Special priceshttp://www.littlehousesplus-shop.co.uk/epages/62053002.sf/en_GB/?ObjectPath=/Shops/62053002/Categories/Special_prices

    • By jbnmini
      I spent some time making some little additions to my Christmas Gift Box: I added LED lights to the fireplace and changed the tree lights from battery pack to a button cell.  It will make turning on the lights SO much easier!  I also found that 3 candle piece in my stash, so I added that and a few more bits of greenery and gold baubles behind the Nativity set.  If I decided to put the tea cart inside the box I will eliminate the stool to make room....but for now I just put it outside.  Oh- just FYI, I do have an acrylic panel to keep the little treasures inside safe.  Maybe I need to take a pic of that in place.  
    • By EmilyCraig
      Hi everyone!  I haven’t been around in a bit because I’ve been building my Etsy shop. But- I’ve reached a point where realize I could really use the input and combined miniatures wisdom of this community-
       First, I have to say I love Etsy and especially miniatures shopping on Etsy- and it’s really kind of mind boggling when you realize  just how many miniatures makers and artisans there are all over the world!
      I know at least some of you must have experience as merchants on Etsy, either of miniatures supplies and/or handmade artisan miniature items,etc. and I’d love to hear your thoughts or experiences with any parts of the process! One thing I have come across is the huge amount of mass manufactured dollhouse miniatures available for very cheap. It’s hard to compete with those kinds of prices! 
      When setting out to make items for an Etsy shop, how do you decide what to make , and if it will sell?  How can you find a niche without overspecializing?  
      These are just some of the things that I have thought as I’ve gone through the early processes of setting up my shop.  Here’s the link if you want to check it out https://etsy.me/2M1CJOj - all positive and constructive feedback is welcomed!!
      Emily C.
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