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MLI Designs

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3 hours ago, MLI Designs said:

I know there is a thread with printables but couldn't find it. Can someone post the link for me.

I am looking for cookbook, magazines, and kitchen food.



1 hour ago, havanaholly said:

Does anyone have good ones for food packages & labels, and books?

I'd be happy to do you both some printables...............just let me know what you need and keep it quiet!

shhhhhh......this is our secret!

and it's free!

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  • 2 years later...

Does anyone know how to put a bunch of different printables onto one sheet so I can print them off all at once? Or link to an Etsy seller that has already done it? I'm looking for food boxes, contemporary ones that my kids currently eat.

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Do the newspapers no longer include the huge sections of grocery ads & coupons in their Thursday editions? (we don't get newspaper delivery where we live)  They used to have color images of packages you could glue onto card and make your own food packages.

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I like to paste screenshots into Word if I only want specific ones. You can resize each individual image that way and Word has a ruler on the side and top to help you.

If you don't have Word or an advanced version of Adobe or photo application, I don't know.

However, Jennifer's Printables as mentioned above does have the products in groups. Here's one:


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