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Eureka, inspiration finally struck (after 2 years)!


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Remember that old dollhouse shell without doors, roof and trim that I wanted to make into a department store?  Well, I finally got hit by that wonderful streak of inspiration one night in a dream. Woke up the next morning, determined to find a way to bash another house on top of the department store.

The only logical house would be either of the front-opening Greenleaf houses. But they are very scarce. Literally an hour later, I found a Gloucester on eBay and jumped at the chance.

It will fit perfectly on top of the other shell with just a little bit of the bottom house being bigger. I will just have to come up with a creative way to finish off that edge or add small roof tiles or something else quirky.

Then I had to redesign the entire front of the two houses. I don't like the Gloucester's door & windows, I want to make my house more Parisian. So I spent a happy evening on Pinterest just checking out all the various buildings in Paris. 

I'm building all my houses to be in Expatville, no specific location, no specific timeline. So I'm free to add some modern twists to the house instead of sticking to period details.  For fun, I've ordered 3 massive oval attic windows and I'm going to change the roof into a Mansard style. 

Mme Hanna loves roses and pink, so I'm doing the whole building according to her taste. The fabric showrooms will have to be black/white/gray, otherwise the pink will just clash with all the fabric colours. I'm collecting rose print fabrics, furniture, paintings as well as pink items too.

Here are some progress photos in my gallery:




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Sometimes it takes a while for the seed of an idea to germinate. Can't wait to watch this one burst into bloom!  It will be a veritable rose garden. :) 

FYI, I like window option 2 better. Breaking the set of 3 smaller bays with a flat window seems a bit awkward to me.

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    • By kreativitea75
      So I've been off site for the past 3 years now getting a Master's degree - that combined with working full time and being a single mom meant that there was no time for minis :-(.  I've dug my stuff back out, and yes, of course I have like 7 other projects to work on, but I really wanted to grab a Gloucester or a Cheltenham because I love them and they are out of stock.  Anybody know if Greenleaf/Corona is going to put either back into production?  
    • By moonberry
      I painted the 3 floors the pink I wanted. Then I scored floorboards with the back side of my utility knife, to see if I liked it. After an hour and with very sore hands, it came out quite nice. But the lines weren't very visible and the pink was a bit too bright and new-looking. Then I sanded the floor a bit to pick up the edges of the floorboards. There is some white showing through from the primer layer. 
      To tone down the brightness of the pink and to age the floors, I'm thinking of using watered down brown acrylic paint and giving the floor a thin wash, rubbing it off in places and letting it seep into the cracks of the floorboards.
      Any advice for me before I take the plunge?
      Here is a picture of the floor just before I sanded it down a bit.
    • By moonberry
      This pattern was tricky to join up, but I think it will look beautiful on the walls.
    • By moonberry
      This paper joined up beautifully. I might use the leftovers on the stair treads too.
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