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question re: roofing and siding

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It depends on the thickness of the wood. Thin shingles  (really thin) will warp with tacky glue.   Thicker...better quality don't warp.  Siding is a tricky one. Again thickness matters. Milled siding is good with tacky glue.  I've used both tacky glue and hit glue.  

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I use Aleene's tacky glue for both, and masking-tape down each layer top and bottom 'til it sets.

Edit: takes alot longer, but worth the extra time. Also, learned the hard way not to use wood glue-- the Tennyson siding buckled up like no other!

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I use carpenter's wood glue (the yellow-brown stuff) and tape the rows down and clamp scrap wood on top until they dry (heavy books to weight it down in the case of siding) because yes, the thin wood warps & buckles under the glue when it's wet, but as the glue dries the wood flattens out for the most part, leaving a very realistic look (in scale) when it's dry.  I don't use hot glue for any aspect of building on a dollhouse ever since I watched a hot glue built Greenleaf dollhouse fall apart in a shop window in Sylvester, GA.

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I also use Aileen's tacky glue...I spread it with a stiff brush till thin...let it dry just a bit and lay the shingles on it...and like Holly I use wax paper piece of wood the size of what Im working on and something heavy on top of that till dry....but as many people there are who build houses...there are that many answers to your query!

its a personal choice from trial and error of what works best for you....

I have never used siding in 13 yrs...so many ways to make the outside look nice without....BUT I am doing a build right now that will be my first time using siding and thats how Im doing it...good luck! cant wait to seeeeeee! :batman:

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For me it did not work to side to the edges of window & door openings and, where the kit came with corner trims, to the edges of the exterior walls, and apply trims over the siding; the extra thickness messed with fit.  Now I first lay trim over openings or edges and trace around them and lay the siding to my trace lines.

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I use Quick Grab for the shingles, and they are still in place years later. I was afraid hot glue would come out in big ugly globs and strings.

Like Nutty, I have never tried siding, but since I like the quick grab so much for the shingles, it's the first thing I would try.

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I used a glue similar to alienationen tacky glue thinking spread on the back of the shingel, put on a couple of rows, tapet and Clamped while drying. The shingles are the ones that came with the house to (a chantilly from Greenleaf) 


not Done siding as of yet, but played with exterior looks with the Adams though


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