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My name is Becky & I live in Muscle Shoals, AL. We moved here when my husband of 30 years retired; this is his home area. I am a retired-on-disability software engineer, who is learning manual skills building my first dollhouse & its furnishings.

I am starting to build my second dollhouse, Victoria's Farmhouse from RGT.  I completed my first, RGT's Beachside Bunglow, about this time last year. I got it as a Christmas gift in 2013 from my older son, who also lives here - the gift was  a complete surprise & a lot of fun to build - including most of the furniture - as well as an amazing learning experience. I'd had no idea how many people are builders, artisans, fans, etc. of dollhouses & miniatures! 

My new dollhouse kit was a Christmas from my husband.  Looking at the number of pieces & parts, I suspect this is going to take much longer to build the kit, and furnishings!   And, I suspect, I'm going to need a lot more help this time!  

Building my fist dollhouse, I found a lot of help on the web. How I missed this forum, I do not know. But, since I have found y'all, I will be asking questions & looking for ideas here as well as other resources for building my new dollhouse. 

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Welcome to the little family, Mary!  Sue is in the NW corner of AL and Paula is over in Phenix City and I'm 'way down here near the Gulf Coast, just across the River from FL, so you have local help if you ever feel like making a road trip (although I'm no help with RGT, I've only ever built Greenleaf/ Corona Concepts and a couple of Dura-Crafts).  The rest of the family is all over the globe, o pull up a chair and have a cookie and ask away.  I make everything I put into my houses, and some of our members are prodigious scratch builders.

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Welcome, Mary. This is the right place for answers and support and feeding the dh obsession. 

Don't worry about all the parts in the box - when you first open any kit, I think it is that moment of "OMG, what did I get myself into?" As soon as you get going, the excitement and anticipation make you forget the gazillion parts.

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Mary, welcome!! I live in Killen and work in Florence. I still work full-time and love to help out with my young grandchildren so I don't have as much time (yet) as I would like to work on this miniature passion. I've built two houses, tab and slot Greenlearf/Corona kits, over the last two years and this weekend just started my third, the Orchid, with my 13 year old granddaughter. I haven't worked with the RGT houses. This site is amazing as it unites people globally due to a common love of miniatures. I hope you enjoy learning and getting to know everyone as much as I have.

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