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Three MicroMark Miniature Woodworking Power Tools - Free If Buyer Pays Shipping

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Hi there! I have three used mini power tools that I need to rehome. They were all originally purchased from MicroMark. Free to anyone willing to pay the shipping.

Am pretty sure I have all attachments and parts but they may not be too organized....or super clean... Will try to get them in ship shape before I send out. They are as follows:

MicroLux 3-Speed Mini Drill Press - plus extra flexshaft attachment. You can see info here on MicroMark website.

MicroLux Mini Scroll Saw - plus lots of blades.  You can see info here on MicroMark website.

MicroLux Miniature Table Saw - note: the red blade guard on mine has been removed. You can see info here on MicroMark website.

I have no idea how much shipping will be exactly via USPS - and probably best to not attempt to ship these out of the USA. The best I can do is estimate $20 each for the first two heavier machines above and $15 for the mini table saw which doesn't weigh as much. I can send out via USPS as soon as I receive these estimated shipping funds via PayPal. If the shipping turns out to be more or less, I will send you a copy of the postal receipt and we will settle up the difference.

I need to downsize my craft tools/supplies and I would love for these to go to a good home. I can send pictures to anyone interested. Just let me know via PM here at the forum or send a PM

Thanks! ~Christine

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I've built several dollhouses and the only power tool I have in my arsenal is a Dremel rotary tool that I seldom use. I find a utility knife and lots of new blades is my go-to tool. Sandpaper sheets are good, but so are emery boards from the dollar store. A pin vise is good for drilling small holes. A coping saw will take care of cutting door and window openings.

I bought a Dremel Trio, which does all manner of things -- drilling, sawing, sanding, etc. -- but never used it and sold it when we moved.

My point is this: think twice before you spend $$ on tools you may use only once, if at all. When you run into challenges in your rehab, ask here. You'll get all kinds of suggestions. 

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While I also swear by my trusty ol' utility knife, I also use my Dremels (rotary tool, Stylus, sander & Trio) enough  that they have paid for themselves, but I have built a few kits nd hve a few more still to build, and I bash them freely and make the things that I put into them.  I heartily agree with Kathie on this one.

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