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Starting again in Alberta

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Good Morning

I moved to Canada from England in 2001 with my doll houses that were my pride and joy!  We moved into another house a few years ago but the houses were in the basement and we were in the middle of the Alberta floods in 2013! Lost everything except for 1 small box of goodies, luckily all my miniature books were upstairs in my craft room.

So the time is right to begin again, I ordered a Greenleaf Arthur with a front porch! Can't wait to start again.....

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    • By PipPoopPeeps
      Any tips for dismantling a dollhouse put together with hot glue? I don’t want to take apart the whole thing as it’s very stable. It was assembled 25 years ago and is holding together really well, I want to re-do the windows and put on siding so I just want to remove windows, trim and porch railings. I’m nervous to use a hairdryer in case I loosen things I want to keep intact. Anyone with experience taking hot glued dollhouses apart?
    • By PipPoopPeeps
      Hello everyone,
      My name is Erin and I received the Arthur dollhouse kit when I was 11 and assembled it with my mother. That was 25 years ago! I’ve recently been inspired to get back into miniatures and I’ve decided to renovate my old dollhouse. 
      A lot of things have changed in twenty-five years, especially all the resources now at hand thanks to the internet.
      I’m really looking forward to my “new” hobby and I’m already having a great time looking at other’s photos and getting ideas.
    • By Taxibill
      I built this Greenleaf Arthur for my daughter 35 years ago.  No internet back then, so all I had to go by was the included instructions, no outside help or tips.  I used hot glue and lots of high gloss paint!  My daughter is all grown up and building her own dollhouses now.  She gave me an Orchid kit for Christmas.  Now that I'm retired, I'm ready for a new project.
    • By SarahT
      Good morning! I have an old Storybook cottage house that my Grandma half built for me as a kid. It is in need of some repairs and I would like to make it usable for my two girls. I've found that the upstairs is an awkward height - it's to high so there isn't enough room under the roof pitch for furniture but there is a ton of room downstairs so I would like to lower the second floor. Also I wish there were more rooms so I am thinking of combining an Arthur house with the Storybook cottage house. We'll see how it goes! I've already started pulling pieces of the storybook apart so I can move the second floor but what I need to know to make sure my plan will work is:
      1. How high is the Arthur second floor above the first floor? (so that my second story is level across) 
      2. How deep is the Arthur not including the porch?
      Thanks for the help!!! I've tried finding the answer online but can only find overall measurements not specific ones. I've already had to return a different dollhouse addition I'd purchased, it needed so many alterations I might as well have started from scratch so I'm trying to be more thorough in my research before I order this time!
    • By Casaundra Marcus
      I have another novice painting question for you all. From reading the posts there is no hard and fast rule to these houses but I am still gun shy so.... here goes
      i am working on the Arthur. I have primed each sheet with killz one coat. I have decided to paint and no wall paper at all. Going to Home Depot today to bet the jars of sample paint. I would assume 2 jars for the exterior since it is a larger surface to cover. 
      Next Do I:
      sand then add another coat of prime to everything ?
      start painting the room colors for each room as well as the exterior and tiny trim pieces then assemble?
      leave the sheets intact or separate them 4 painting?
      put the house together then paint each room?
      what is the next best step?
      Thank you in advance.
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