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Such a wonderful find.  Looking forward to seeing your rehab of this house.  Perhaps you have already discovered the Lundby sites on the internet.  I found quite a few just googling "vintage Lundby dollhouse".  I looked at a lot of them right after I brought home my Lundby Stockholm that I found at Goodwill a few months ago.

My Lundby Stockholm has all white trim, but it is missing some pieces.  I notice that you are fortunate to have the side door which is missing on mine.

I used the Mr Clean Magic Eraser to clean the white plastic.  But had to be very careful not to get it too wet as any hint of water stains the wallpaper and floor papers.  Mine is also missing a lot of the original railing and the stable door.

I did buy some Tomy pieces of furniture, which at the time I was looking, seemed to be cheaper than Lundby.  Discovered I had a few pieces of bedroom furniture in my stash that I think are Barton.  Also discovered I had the dog chewing on a shoe.

I do have some pictures of this house in an album in the gallery.  I am again working on it and hope to finish it (as much as I finish any house) this month.

Have fun.


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I have one of these with the garage as well...nice score finding that garage extension!

I love decorating my lundby houses with the 70s Lundby stuff - that harvest gold bathroom is a must!...they end up so cozy and fun to play with. There is something extremely relaxing/nostalgic about the 70s for me and Lundy does it best.

The skylight makes for some nice Swedish noir photos. And don't you love the tiles on the balcony - so 70s to me - "Come and knock on our dooooor!" It's just the best.

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I just bought one today for $20. I’m a novice with dollhouses and don’t know anything about dollhouses but I am an artist and hobbyist who is up for the challenge of restoring and modernizing it. But it’s missing a few windows, stable doors and electrical. Want to restore it for my granddaughters but don’t know where to find the missing items without paying a lot for them. The railing on the stable level is also missing. I bought some doors from eBay and a transformer from amazon which I hope will work because I have no idea how the lighting works. Any ideas of other dollhouse railing can work?? What is the scale? Couldn’t upload a pic from my phone but looks just like yours but with missing doors and windows. What is the big hole that looks like a window in the back for? 

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Welcome. The scale is 1/12.  Be careful with your purchases. The dollhouse hobby can get very expensive. You don’t want to buy the wrong items without knowing more about what you are dealing with. Transformers come in different sizes depending on the number of bulbs you will be using and with different connectors. Did you measure the wall thickness before ordering the doors? The doors might be too thick or thin for the opening. My advice is to learn everything about a subject (electrical, wood trim, paper, paints, glues, etc) before you make any purchases.

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Lundby is 1:18 scale. It's about 3/4" = 1'. You might be able to use small 1:12 furniture in it, but there's also a lot of Lundby stuff available on eBay.


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It's 1/16th scale. In addition to Lundby, you can look for Petite Princess, Renwal, Marx, but most especially Barton. I find the others too cutesy, but Barton did a lot of 1/16th mid-century style that would work very well in that house. Barton is very common in the UK so you may have better luck getting items from there. Shipping can be high but the pieces are relatively inexpensive so it's a wash.



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I just remembered that Youngstown made salesman samples to sell their 1950s metal kitchens. They are 1/16th scale too. They're plastic but they look great! I have a box filled with that stuff. I'd thought I could perhaps put a toekick underneath to raise them and make them pass for 1/12th. Nope, not even half believable to pass. Anyway, they pop up on Ebay from time to time. Here's a set on Etsy.


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I had one of these as a child, minus the the garage/stable. It's a lovely house and I had a lot of fun with it. I no longer have it now unfortunately. If you don't want to go for Lundy furniture, you can always get Sylvanian Families instead. Their furniature will fit quite nicely. 12th scale is way too big for the house as I found out when I decided to renovate it once. The fact that everything I looked at was too big for it puzzled me at first. It was only later when I found out about the scales. ELF miniatures used to do modern 16th scale furiature, but as you can't seem to get new houses in that scale unless you make them yourself they've stopped making them, which is a shame.

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    • By RockawayRose
      After working on it off and on for two years, including a move from NYC to Florida, illness, a family death et al, it is basically complete!  Have put it up for sale but if it doesn't sell right away I think I will rework the 2nd floor porch railings with the Real Good Toys porch railings or something along those lines.
      I find the uploading process here frustrating, so if you don't mind heading over to my blog, here's the link.  Would love to know what you think!  I visioned it as a Key West house, music-oriented, and wanted to have the color come from the furniture and artwork so have intentionally left the walls white.   Flooring is all removable template.  Feel so relieved to finally have this done!
      and happy holidays to everyone from sunny Miami Beach!
    • By RockawayRose
      This rare dollhouse which I have painted and decorated is my pride and joy. I purchased it as an unpainted shell from the original owner in NJ about 2 years ago. As you all know, Hofco made very high-end dollhouses in the 1980s which are very sought-after now (you can search for Hofco dollhouses on Ebay to see the kind of prices they fetch - a google search turns up an auction one year ago for the same make/model that went for over $2000). Made of cabinet-grade wood, this is a sturdy house but with delicate features. The 2-story porch is one of the widest dollhouse porches in the business. All of the windows are Hofco windows, and all of the doors with the exception of the swinging door to the kitchen which is a houseworks door. All furniture is included, and I will throw in the Ikea rolling cart base free of charge. Must pick up - Miami Beach Normandy Isle, Florida location - elevator building. Created in a smoke-free apartment. You will need at least two people to get it to your vehicle, and note dimensions: approximately 4 ft x 3 ft x 2 ft (dollhouse). Rolling cart is 58" long x 35" high x 15'" wide.
      Ground floor: 3 rooms: Living Room/Dining Room/Kitchen 1st Floor: 3 bedrooms and hallway with French doors that leads out to porch. Top Floor: 2 rooms. 

      I've painted the interior white, and left it that way for future owners to decorate as they wish. The floors are templates that are removable in case you'd like different flooring or want to electrify the dollhouse. Will include touch-up paint. 

      You can see many more pictures of the dollhouse on my blog:

      Just the furniture alone is approximately $900 so this is a deal. Priced to sell as I need to make room for other projects. Will consider serious best offers.
    • By RockawayRose
      Hi everyone, I'm finally back to dollhousing after a six-month break - we moved to Miami Beach from NYC and it's taken a while to get the apartment set up and deal with reall-life stuff.  I just rehabbed this unusual in-the-round dollhouse for a client who wants to use it for her feng shui workshops to show ideal furniture placement.    If anyone has any guesses as to the name of the dollhouse and manufacturer - there is a pic of the label on it but unfortunately part of the label is missing with that key information.  Here is my blog post with pics:
      Happy holidays to all.  Now back to work on the Key West Dollhouse (Hofco Americana)...
    • By RockawayRose
      Hi everyone, I was contacted today by someone who saw my Ebay ad for the Superlative Dollhouse San Francisco Townhouse.   She is the daughter of the man who designed the dollhouse, and she gave me permission to share this story with you all:
      "Every once in a while, I google Superlative Doll House(s). Today I got a hit. You might wonder why. My father was the person behind superlative doll houses. Started in the 1970's from our house. He did the designs at our kitchen table. Someone else did the big cutting for us, but everything else was done at home. So happy to see one out in circulation. We have several of the doll house fronts amongst the family (smaller wall versions), and I have one SF victorian like this one. Good luck selling it. As I said, you have made my day!   You may certainly share the info. Based on the address on the sticker this one was actually probably made between 1979 and 1980, give or take a few months. We worked out of our home in Los Altos from 1973-74 until about 1979 when someone (maybe in our neighborhood) 'ratted us out' to the town and it had to be moved. There was another move in 1980 ish to another location after the Weddell Dr. site (my brother and I are trying to work out the actual dates). My father had the killer work ethic/pride and had been laid off. Went to the local hobby store and was astounded at the crappy doll houses that were being offered, thought, I could do that, and off we went. We started out making houses and some furniture, switched to just houses and went from there. There are other models that we did, but this was by far the most popular/recognized. We have the Better Homes and Gardens (I think) magazine cover that it was in as part of the cover shoot, and one was in an episode of Murder She Wrote (something was hidden in the doll house). Unfortunately, the downturn in the economy in the early 80s hit the miniatures collectors market hard and that combined with the cost of a separate location led to doing other woodwork and eventually the demise of 'Superlative'. The name was my father's idea too. He actually used it while we were grown up - sometimes seriously and sometimes in fun, but it was what he wanted them to be. I am hoping that somewhere we still have at least one of the drawings he did. My brother posted about this on facebook yesterday for TBT and it has been fun to have all the old friends/neighbors chiming in. – Joanne"
      You can see pictures of my dollhouse here from my blog:
    • By RockawayRose
      I've posted all the final pictures on my blog.  Let me know what you think!  Taking a few days rest before I tackle the rehab of the Artply Granville....
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