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Half scale French dollhouse I am working on

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Hi all. I have been working on some designs for house and furniture kits in 1:24 scale, and I am getting close to being able to sell them. Well, the house at least! Still working on furniture designs and instructions! First up will be a French shop with apartment above, which is based on a very cute shop I saw in Chantilly, France. Hope you like the first installment!

FYI it appears I can't upload a photo so you might need to go to my album. Sorry folks, technology isn't on my side today!

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Thanks for the positive comments everyone. I am really happy that you like this. There is a lot of work in figuring these things out so has taken me some time to get to this point. My intention is to get a reasonable amount of detail in these things whilst still being realistic, well scaled and easy to put together. When I get my own laser cutter, I hope to really ramp up my production and design.  

This answers a question I asked in your album. Congrats on a great job. You must have access to a laser cutting machine, yes?

Selkie, I am currently using an online laser cutting service, which is inconvenient. I hope to have my own laser cutter in the next month or so. 

This is gorgeous, I LOVE the design!!! so what are the measurements of this since its half scale, its hard for me to imagine


The dimensions are 40.2cm high and about 18cm deep (need to work that out yet!) and 31.7 wide plus balcony. The living room/kitchen is 16cm x 30xm and ceilings about 12cm give or take (the shop I think is higher).

I like it a lot, and would love to build one!.It worries me the shipping from Australia, for us will probably be very high....

It may be. Definitely something that I will be investigating. There are courier options around that may be able to help.

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The interior i coming along nicely.  I can't wait to see how your furniture kits turn out once you have your own laser cutting machine.  A thought when I read your query about the castle size would be to offer it in component form so people could order however many components to make the castle as big as their imaginations and wallets can manage.

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Yes Holly, that was my thought too. I am not sure of a style though. I am leaning towards a medieval French/European style, a little bit Rik Pierce, with a range of different sized parts, less symmetrical and more ad hoc. Not sure that's a great description but I mean not in the traditional castle shape that has been done buy some other kit makers. If someone wanted just a gatehouse, they could have it or medieval house for example. 

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For anyone interested in these kits, they are now listed in my Etsy store:


They will be ready to ship by the end of the week.

Currently I have 5 with an additional few available that need just a couple of additional parts.

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