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Question re: Glencroft Dollhouse Kit

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I bought a Glencroft Dollhouse Kit from a lady online some years back.  She said she had opened it but everything was intact.


Stupidly, I didn't check it until now ... I know, I should be ashamed of myself and it's something I wouldn't do now, but this was back in the days when I trusted people online ... :)


Anyway, as you have probably guessed, one of the sheets is missing.  Sheet #11, which is the one containing the Front Roof Right Side and Left Gable and so forth ... in other words, main parts.


It's too long ago and I can't remember the person I bought it from ... really, I could smack myself upside the head for being so silly and trusting.


Does anyone have any ideas on what I could do to obtain this sheet now at this late stage?


I would appreciate any help at all.




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Thanks so much everyone.  I contacted a friend in Texas (as I'm in Australia) and she has had the sheet sent to her from Greenleaf and is sending it over to me.  I'm so excited about receiving it.  I'm going to turn it into an antique shop when it's finally built.


Yes, Greenleaf do have terrific customer service, thankfully :)

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