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Showed it to Twinkle snd she thought it was cool too. Kinda a cross or mix between castle, woodland fairies, cave, medieval, and treehouse. I'd love to go see it.

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Wow!  Someone really loves rocks! LOL!  Couldn't you just see it full of rustic log furniture and grapevines though? 

Actually that is the conversation Twinkle and I had over breakfast. What types of furniture could go in this place and look right? We came up with the rustic logs and stone benches but we had a problem thinking of what cushions or bedding, etc. would look like. We couldn't come up with anything we really liked. It would be tough job to keep it all in the theme, imo.

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man that's some SERIOUS trompe l'oeil going on! Imagine how many hours must have gone into doing that whole house. I like it but fear it would soon grow old on me if I lived there.

thanks for the link Sarah. I enjoyed looking at this house.

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We came up with the rustic logs and stone benches but we had a problem thinking of what cushions or bedding, etc. would look like. 


Soft goods like cushions, upholstered seating etc., would probably be good in foresty greens. The house is too much of muchness.


I once considered painting my bedroom with trees, but there was just too much wall to paint. Later I thought maybe a forest of birches would look nice in my bathroom, but I decided I was too lazy to do it. Besides, I found a can of leftover paint in the basement that was perfect for the bathroom.


I noticed a house down the street from the rock house was going for much more.

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It's a beautiful house. Thank you for sharing such a unique find.

I agree that it would be hard to furnish and have it blend well.

I also agree with Holly that it would be a 'bear to keep clean'. I can't imagine the time it would take to clean between the rocks/stones as well as clean the smooth textures.

Then, there is the fact that it is so close to other houses. That would be a culture shock when one walked out the door.

But it does have a lot of square footage inside....


Thanks again for sharing.

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This brings to mind a room I decorated for a 10-year-old in a jungle/beach theme. Photos in Gallery,  although will far fewer rocks!


Here's what strikes me about the house: the pebbly surfaces in the kitchen. Even with the small amount of frying/sauteing that we do, we still get a light greasy build-up that needs to be wiped off frequently. Can't imagine having to clean the nooks and crannies of the pebbles.

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I just returned from my sisters 12th century stone chateau in France. All of the interior walls are stone. I helped her vacuum each stone to get rid of their recent construction dust and cobwebs. What dust collectors stones are!

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I wondered if some of it in the kitchen was faux stone, maybe a flooring product of some sort or even faux stone painting. I would think real stone would be too heavy for the cabinet doors to be able to stay on their hinges.

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Very cool, but I would have to tame it down a bit - put in more normal kitchen cabinets and maybe paint some of those 'stone' and 'brick' walls in basic paint!   And really- is a stone painted toilet really necessary?  LOL  I'd keep some of the unique murals as an accents, but put in more normal fixtures!   WAY too much for me!

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I was showing someone else this morning and it says sale pending.  Someone must have fallen in love with it. As an interesting sidebar, my mother hung some wallpaper for my aunt that was stones.  I hope whoever buys it doesn't redo all the work...that kitchen is a definite gut job though :)

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Wow! A lot of work has gone into it, but a fair bit of it pretty ugly in my opinion. I would hate to have to clean that shower! Some amazing art which I think is pretty clever, but not sure I'd want either the faux brick or the tin foil on my walls....

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