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Longevity of adhesive backed vinyl floor sheets?


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Hey all. I was just looking on ebay and found the most beautiful adhesive backed vinyl flooring sheets. They are SO pretty but I hesistate a bit to buy them only becasue when I used to scrapbook, they made vinyl letters that were adhesive backed and they never stayed stuck down (although I realize they may have been using inferior glue) but not only that, the vinyl always curled around the edges. Has anyone had any experience with digitally printed vinyl sheets or tile for their dollhouse?


Here's the tile sheet just in case you're wondering:

Red Victorian TIle Sheet


This seller is from Greece and he has many more lovely patterns.



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Briana, when I clicked your link the forum's home page came up.

When I use adhesive backed anything I also use a bead of all-purpose glue around the perimeter; when I use self-adhesive vinyl tile pieces for flooring I also run beads of glue from corner to corner.   None of the floors I've used this on have come unstuck.

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