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I finally finished my Beacon Hill!!

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I'm a new member twice now. I joined back in 2008 when I dragged the box containing the Beacon Hill up to my work room. That was 7 years ago. Seems like forever but I finally finished it. I was a full-time nurse practitioner during the day and worked on gardens at night in the spring, summer, fall which left me little time to work on this project. But patience and determination have paid off. Now I'm only working one day a week in our clinic but I'm full-time in our archives. As soon as I can figure out how to post pictures, I would love to share with you what my Beacon Hill looks like...done. My only problem has been the lighting....but we're working on that. This past week I inherited a VM-800 Victorian Mansion from Dura-Craft. It needs some work. It's missing two floors and is painted pink. Pink will not last long. I'm praying it does not take me as long to do as it did the Beacon Hill. Building the Beacon Hill was a real challenge. Guidelines don't tell you when to put in the lighting, when to do the wallpaper, when to do all that trim along the bottom, top and in between...but gradually I figured it out. I will try and post pictures soon. Anyone have any suggestions on how to do so? I've never posted. Thanks for any encouragement. Have a great day.

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Welcome home, Cari.  I built my first kit, the San Franciscan model SF555, whilst attending nursing school (at age 50) and it took me 3 1/2 years (I finished up whilst working at the hospital).

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I will try and post pictures soon. Anyone have any suggestions on how to do so? I've never posted. Thanks for any encouragement. Have a great day.

When you are in full version of the forum (green background), rather than mobile (blue), you'll see a tiny button labeled Help down at the very bottom of the page. Open that and you'll find a wonderful glossary of all bits of info including the gallery/albums.

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